Four Days in Berlin: Solo Trip 2017


Wrote 2016 first, but whadduyaknow- it’s 2017! I spent the first few days of the year on a little solo winter getaway to Berlin. 😉  (Ok, no one does a “getaway” to Germany, but it was a great trip).  In all honesty, I didn’t love Berlin in the same way that I love many other European […]

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A Little Bit of Lately.


I feel like I have been writing so many “topic” posts, that I haven’t done any “life” posts in quite some time.  A.k.a…pictures that are taking up space on my iPhone…most of which is food.   First up, Luis and I had this really delicious meal at Petit Apertit.  It was our second (my second, […]

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Four Days in Amsterdam: Part IV


I really hope IV is four in Roman Numerals?  Someone?  Anyone? Anywho… Part I, Part II, and Part III Here we are!  Finally on day four…the final day in Amsterdam (since we left bright and painfully early the next day).  I was DETERMINED to get my stroopwaffle on the last day.  And maybe a pancake, […]

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Four Days in Amsterdam: Part III


Part I and Part II! Sorry these posts drag on and on (and on…) but wouldn’t want you to miss even one important detail!!! And neither would you. Like this potato we ate from a place called Jacketz, a restaurant based off of hugggge potatoes roasted with salt and oil and then you add the […]

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Four Days in Amsterdam: Part II


Good morning!!  It looks like I do have some time to get a few more posts up.  I’m currently in Berlin, Germany (alone) so cozying up in the hostel with some tea and their free computer access is a pretty good evening/ early morning plan.  Except this is a German keyboard so the ‘y’ and […]

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Four Days in Amsterdam 2016


Ok.  I think I have a new favorite European city!! Amsterdam is in.cred.i.ble.  From the beautiful buildings that line the canals (#houseGOALS) to the insane number of trendy, interesting, and cool cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops, to the coffeeshops, art museums, and abundance of activities…this extremely bike friendly city left me so impressed and a plan to […]

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How Things Are Going III.


I’m typing this up from my living room/ dining room table, with a hot cup of peppermint tea and a completely empty, eerily quiet house.  My roommates left over the course of yesterday and today, flying back to the U.S to spend the holidays with their families.  I’m excited for the trips I have planned […]

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Checking In VI.


Making: plans for Amsterdam and Berlin!!!  I CAN’T WAIT!  Also, I made lots of Christmas cookies this week.  I told the parents of my private students that we could make Christmas cookies in class and they agreed!  Lots of fun and even more mess. Cooking:  I made this garlic-lemon chicken & pasta and dare I say, it […]

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