Plans for the Fall: Jefferson, Here I Come!

Good Morning!

How’s your day treating ya?  Mine started with a bowl of oatmeal before heading to the gym for a quick bicep/ chest workout.  I had to skip the running today because I’ve been dealing with some pretty sharp heel pain that won’t budge.  Usually I can ignore it and it actually feels better after a few minutes of activity, but today it hurts with even the slightest bit of pressure.  No bueno.

Plans for the Year

Indulge me for a second and pretend that you care what I’m doing this year, now that I’ve graduated.  If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know that I’m the most indecisive person EVER and have been feeling completely lost/ confused about my plans for next year (click the hyperlink for a post about that).  While those feelings haven’t completely subsided, I do know what I’ll be doing for the next year and have a general life direction plan, although not a definite path. (But does anyone?)

So in the fall, I will be attending Thomas Jefferson University for a one year post- bac program.  Sometime during January (or December?) I applied to Jefferson’s program, got called in for an interview, got accepted soon after the interview, and then stopped filling out my other applications because I knew that Jefferson is the place for me.

If you’re like 99.9% of everyone, you have no clue what the is. The program that I’m doing is a one year program in which I will take all of the classes (plus a few extra) needed in order to gain entry in medical school.  Calm down, I’m not even completely sure that that’s the plan right now.  The thing I love about Jefferson’s program is that it prepares for a number of healthcare professions, so my options are more open than, say, Temple’s program.  I am planning to use this year as a time to really, really explore what I do and do not like and hopefully find a path that is right for me, whatever that may be.

It’s super scary starting something new, especially with no concrete direction, but it’s also exciting to think about being in a new environment, taking whole new classes, meeting a lot of new friends, and getting to be a city girl.

Well, kind of.  I’ll be a city girl while I’m AT school, but I’ll be living at home this year with the good ol’ parents!  It’s like high school again (haha— send help.)  Actually, on that note- I’m in the market for FRIENDS at home.  No need to apply…I’ll take anyone :)

Anyway, I have orientation late next week and then I start classes the following week (eek!).  I’ve been previewing the material for each of the courses for the last few weeks to prepare for what’s to come.  Let’s just say physics might be the death of me.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s to a new chapter!

Thanks for your support :)

What I Ate Wednesday! It’s Been so Long.

Happy Hump Day!

How’s your week treatin ya?  It’s one of those weeks that seems to be both flying by, and draaaaaging along.  This is my week of work, so that could have something to do with it.  I haven’t done a WIAW post in….forever, so I thought it would be fun to bust one out!

BreakfastDSC_0009Steel cut oats, yogurt, blues, banana, cherry jam, pb


…when I’m home from work:DSC_0005Eggplant parm, cucumber, fresh beets, a wedge of brie

When I’m at work (and includes all day snackage):DSC_0005Cuculbers, pasta with ratatouille, carrots (ended up in the trash!), nectarine, apple, fruit & nut bar


I forgot to take a picture last night (because I’m a ravenous dog when I get home from work at 8 pm), but dinner was grilled salmon with pesto, roasted potatoes, salad and fresh beets.


Ice cream is an equal opportunity player in my diet these days, so when we realized there was NO ICE CREAM (!!!) last night, we did the right thing.  We went right to the supermarket and bought 3 containers of it.  We actually had 5 containers, but for fear that my mom would breathe scary dragon breath because we dared to bring home inferior NOT Halo Farms ice cream, but limited to 3.  And one is a frozen yogurt, so all is good and well in the hood.DSC_0009-001

The Cafe latte frozen yogurt tastes very similar to the Edy’s Espresso Chip.  They have the same # of cals/ serving, but the froyo has more protein (and more sugar too), and less fat.  It’s a definitely a tasty sub for ice cream, but when Edy’s is 2/ $5…..who can resist?


See above lunch photo.  That is pretty standard…fruits, hummus, pretzels, snack bars, etc…oh, and whatever delicious treats might be hanging out on the table at work all. the. time.

Spruce Street Harbor Park: Pop up Park

Hi, friends!

I hope you had a fun weekend- I sure did.   Friday was pretty basic- dinner, Shark tank, fall asleep on the couch #oldlady. But Saturday, SATURDAY was fun!

Like any good weekend, brunch was involved, and like any good meal, it was a Groupon!  Woohoo!  We love Groupon.  I found the Groupon on Friday, and when we were driving there Saturday, all we saw at the “location” were apartments and then we saw that the Groupon said “#A2″ so we were all “….this is in someone’s apartment?”, but when we called, they said we had the wrong address.  All was well and we found the place and the food was decent and I love brunch with Russ.  The end.  And here is the link for Bernie’s Pub Groupon if you want a relatively inexpensive brunch.  Who doesn’t?DSC_0040DSC_0046 DSC_0051 Russ and I went to the Spruce Street Harbor Park with the Brunch Bunch, aka Ancy and Chris aka our favorite double date couple (hey, guys).  Luckily, the rain let up and made for a really nice & cool night- perfect for the beach?!DSC_0082 DSC_0053

Before Saturday, we hadn’t heard of this pop up park, but basically it’s a pop up beach/ park down at penny’s Landing off of South Street.  There are pretty lights, hammocks in the trees, food trucks, relatively cheap IPAs, beach chairs, picnic tables, and boardwalk games during the day.DSC_0060

I think my face just looks like that naturally.

(IDSC_0063 DSC_0068 DSC_0073 We got there around 10, got ourselves some brews (a PBC Walt Whit for me, and a Yard’s Brawler for Russ) found a table and sipped/ chatted/ had strangers take pictures of us.DSC_0093 DSC_0104 DSC_0107 DSC_0110 The walk home led us to the #BigChair…DSC_0149 DSC_0159 DSC_0161 And to WaWa for requisite WaWa Fest sandwiches for some pre-sleep fuel. Necessary.

In the morning, we walked past the Philadelphia Magic Garden and Russ told me to “Be a lion!”DSC_0180 DSC_0181…and then we had brunch (omelets made by Russ, toast made my yours truly.  Dad joined in on the fun, too)DSC_0186

Definitely a lot of fun and I really hope we have one more opportunity to get down there!   What did you do this weekend?

Friday Favorites 8/22/2014

Good morning and Happy Friday!

This week absolutely flew by for me.  I have no idea why, but I’ll take it!  No big plans for the weekend around here, but I’m hoping to get together with Ancy and Chris this weekend (and Russ, too).  We shall see.

Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  In the meantime, here are five of my favorite things this week!  Enjoy :)

1. My hair- One of the lifeguards (Steph) did this for me at the pool!  Talented, right?!photo 3

And the curls that resulted (but my head looks HUGE)…DSC_0009And Russ’ comment:  “It looks like Steph is more than qualified to do the hair of all of the characters on Orange is the New Black.”

2. Speaking Spanish with my mom- It’s a struggle, but I have been making a real effort to speak Spanish with her every day, even if just for a few minutes.  It helps, but it’s tough!  It’s even exhausting because it’s difficult to express what I am trying to say, but that’s how to learn, right?

3.  Salsa- Not the food, the dancing!  I went to lessons again this week with a couple of other girls and I had a blast!  For once in my life, I have something that resembles rhythm (but not to be confused with rhythm)salsa

4.  This blog.  Obviously, I don’t have kids, but I still think this blog is hilarious and enjoy reading the posts!

5. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pecan Pie Barspecan pie bars


That’s all I have for you this week!  Have a fantastic weekend…and maybe make some Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pecan Bars!


Summer Fun Check-List

As summer quickly comes to a close, there are a few things that I would LOVE to do before all light from the outside world comes crashing around me and my freedom.  I want to do the quintessential summer fun things, but time is a ticking and running out quickly!photo 3 (20)

Summer Fun List

  • Go to the beach- believe it or not, I haven’t been yet this summer (except for in Punta Cana!)
  • Go to the Independence Mall beer garden on a cool summer night.
  • Go away for the weekend- New York or Washington, D.C, or anywhere, really!
  • Go hiking or to a park for a picnic.
  • Have a game night with friends—> seriously so much fun!
  • Go out to dinner (at an outdoor restaurant)
  • Go to a gun range with Russ. (We’ve been talking about this since March…)

There is no doubt that I have more things I want to do, but these are the ones that come to mind as I type this.  Realistically, I won’t be able to do all of these things since I work every single day through Labor Day, but I sure can try to do as many as possible.  What’s on your list?10274049_10202329898837032_4480473756001552882_n

Is there anything that should be added?

Pretzels and The Leftovers.

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!  I hope your day is going swimmingly.

Breakfast + Workout

Today started with a big breakfast-the usual oats, followed by a solid workout with Maeghan.  After meeting at our normal spot, we jogged two miles to the gym, where we each did our respective workouts.  I completed a shoulder and back workout that is going to leave me sore tomorrow, I can already feel it.Cecily Tynan Shoulder and BackI am calling this workout “The Cecily Tynan Shoulder and Back Smoker” because who doesn’t want shoulders like Cecily Tynan?!  If you’re not from the Philadelphia area, disregard that completely…or Google.

Pretzels & The Leftovers

Last night, Russ and I had plans to veg out on the couch and catch up with our TV shows (more like show), which is HBO’s show, The Leftovers.  Before TV time, though, we made pretzels with my dad.  The pretzels actually came from a can, which we bought at Aldi while shopping there a few weeks ago, and required a lot less work than the last time we made pretzels (which came from a box, so really not much work at all).  All we need to do was open the can…


Unroll the dough…DSC_0275

Attempt to make pretzel shapes…DSC_0230 DSC_0235

School my dad on how to actually make it look like a pretzel, while laughing at his attempt…DSC_0262DSC_0255 DSC_0263

Pretend to enjoy ourselves…DSC_0243

And actually enjoy ourselves…DSC_0270 DSC_0267

Bake for 11 minutes…DSC_0274

And voila!  Pretzels that tasted like biscuits, but were light a fluffy.

We ate the pretzels while watching The Leftovers.  Has anyone else ever seen this show?  It is honestly one of the weirdest shows that I have ever seen.  There are so many important characters and SO MANY story lines that it’s truly hard to keep up, but Russ and I have been sucked in.  We’ve heard rumors that the show will not be continuing after this season, and since we are on episode 8 of a 10 show season, I have a feeling we are going to be left disappointed with a lot of unanswered questions.  We will just have to make more pretzels to soak up our tears…

Off to shower, pack lunch for work, head to the bank, and go to work!

Catch ya later!

Philadelphia Folk Festival 2014.

Happy-hippity Monday!

As I mentioned on Friday, I spent the weekend at the 53rd Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival, which is put on every year by the Philadelphia Folk Society.DSC_0021-002DSC_0014-002

Russ has been going every year since he was born (as have many of the attendees), but this was only my second year going.  I can honestly say that this past weekend was one of the best weekends of the summer!  The key to really enjoying Fest is to just go with the flow.  Seriously, the people that attend fest are the kindest, hippy-est, partying, sharing, and folk-loving bunch, and the only thing to do is to blend into the crowd for the weekend.DSC_0163

The best part about Fest, in my opinion, is walking around to check out all of the CRAZY campsites.  I really think people wait/plan all year for Fest and really go out to make their sites as decked out as possible:DSC_0032-002 DSC_0034-002 DSC_0013-002DSC_0120

I almost wanted to go up on stand with them…I was having Pool Withdrawal!DSC_0121

There are the strange signs and postings that you see plastered all over the campgrounds…DSC_0015-002 DSC_0031-002 DSC_0018-002

And speaking of the topless foot race (which no, I did not participate)..DSC_0138

Lots of walking around to check out the campsites, the shows, the crafts, and the food…DSC_0036-002 DSC_0060 DSC_0062 DSC_0065 DSC_0067 DSC_0079 DSC_0011-002 DSC_0099 DSC_0098 DSC_0160

I had to get a BEEF tattoo after I spun the wheel…DSC_0123

There is a lot of sitting at the campsite with a beer and friends…DSC_0043-002 DSC_0039-002 DSC_0046-001 DSC_0128

Or watching one of the many (MANY!) concerts that are going on at various stages and dancing in the fields…DSC_0117 DSC_0104 DSC_0085  DSC_0077

Hanging out in a hammock in Dulcimer Grove (which we did not actually do), but how incredibly nice does that look?!…DSC_0029-002 DSC_0026-002  DSC_0106

Take a ukulele lesson (didn’t do this either.)…DSC_0022-002

Do our volunteer work (a.k.a make 1000 PB&J), which gets us our low ticket price for the weekend…DSC_0193

And the best part of the entire weekend- Friends!…DSC_0156 DSC_0153 DSC_0149 DSC_0115DSC_0157

Until next year, fest.DSC_0142DSC_0170


Five Friday Favorites.

How about an alliteration to start your day?

Happy Friday!!!! Any fun plans for the weekend?!  I’ll be away for the weekend, which I’m SO excited for!  Russ and I will be at Folk Fest, which is a weekend-long camping/hippie-ing/folk festival.  Russ has been going every year since he was a baby, and I, well I’ve gone once, so I’m excited to go back (especially since it won’t be 1000*)!  Keep your fingers crossed for NO rain (I know, I know, I can’t make up my mind with this rain thing).  Russ is already there, so as soon as I scoot on home, eat dinner, and throw my things in the car, I’ll be off!

Here are a list of 5 things that I’ve been loving this week, in no particular order:

1.  Pool Staff.conklin staffI might complain about work a lot, but I actually do enjoy my time at the pool, thanks to the people I work with.  It’s sad to see them all leaving to go back to college/ start college.  Okay, it’s sad because they’re leaving, but ALSO because I want to go back to college.  *tear*

2. Books!photo 2

It’s been weeks and weeks since I’ve read a new book, and with a job that allows me to sit and relax for more than half of my day, there is no excuse not to have a good book.  I actually went to the library one day last week and just stared at the shelves (trying not to pay attention to the people staring at me…acting like they’ve never seen someone in a bathing suit in a library!  haha).  Anyway, I left empty-handed, but then earlier this week, I put up a FB status for recs and was surprised to get so many answers!  I went to the library, checked out a bunch of books and put in other requests.  I finished Brain on Fire by Susannah Calahan in just 2 days of work and LOVED it.  It amazed me that someone my age could go through something so puzzling and horrific, but the doctors were able to figure out her diagnosis, despite the odds.  Definitely a good read for anyone looking for a good book!

3. Iced Coffee in Random Jars.DSC_0054

I’m addicted to iced espresso with milk…and it’s even better when I use recycled jars (like pickle jars and peanut butter jars).  Easily portable and then I can throw away the container (although I usually bring it home to be washed and used again!)

4. Summer Salads.

We finally have some produce up in hurr (so much produce!), so I’ve been loving these summer salads at work!photo 1

This one had spinach, peach slices, cucumber, blueberries, carrots, mango salsa (made by Steph, at work), pastrami, and leftover peach-basil vinaigrette.

5.  Having a Fixed Bike.

Remember back in December when I went outside and found my bike broken?  Someone dented the tire frame so the wheel wouldn’t turn?  Well, I’ve been putting off fixing it, but finally bit the bullet and now it’s fixed!  I can finally ride to work :)

That’s it!  Have a faaaantastic weekend!

TJ Maxx Fitness Finds.

Hi friends!

What’s for breakfast?DSC_0048 DSC_0043-001 DSC_0037-001DSC_0051

And what breakfast REALLY looked like:DSC_0052

Since you were all kind enough to do your rain dance for me Tuesday, it rained all day= we get to leave work super early (and still get paid!).  So I left work and headed to TJ Maxx and Target with Russ for new workout gear. I was looking at myself in the mirror at the gym yesterday and realized that my clothes look old and frumpy and it’s time for an update.  Not to mention, my shoes are ripping and the frame is exposed.  Basically all cushioning is long gone.  I was holding off in buying shoes because I’m scared to shell out $100+ for new shoes, although it’s absolutely necessary and a good pair of shoes can last a long time.

i went expecting to purchase shorts and sports bras, was pleasantly surprised to find that they sell Saucony sneakers for $35.00 a pair.DSC_0005-001

Crazy, right?! Who knows, maybe they’ll make my feet bleed/ fall off, but I’m willing to take the chance if it means saving $70.00.  I know, I know, I should be willing to spend the big bucks for the perfect running shoe from qualified running shoe professionals, but once I tried them on, I knew they would work.  They’re super comfy, reasonably priced, and I LOVE the colors.  And I got shorts to match, obviously.DSC_0017-001

Something about new workout gear makes me excited to get to the gym!  On that note, I’m off!


Have a wonderful day!

Weekend in Manayunk & Other Random Things

Gooood morning and Happy Monday Tuesday!  (I really tried to get this posted yesterday…)

How was your weekend? Does anyone else enjoy the fact that I ask these questions as if someone out there actually answers?! I know you people read this every once in awhile, so feel free to come out of hiding and say hi!

I’m actually at work typing this up since Russ was nice enough to let me borrow his iPad, and how about those Xfinity Hotspots?! They are a real gem.


Friday I worked most of the day, so nothing exciting on that front.  After work, Russ’ mom joined us for dinner.  I don’t even remember what we ate, but check out this beautiful dessert that my mom made:DSC_0024It was her first time making a fruit tart and not only did it look beautiful, but it tasted AMAZING.  I loved the custard that was underneath the fruit.  Next time she makes one, I want to try making the fruit design on top.  Oatmeal designs are getting old ;)


Saturday morning started with a workout that left me sore for 2+ days.  I told Russ that I would do whatever workout he was doing, which was back and biceps.  I used all of the “man” machines with him and then we did a quick + effective interval workout on the treadmill.  We only ran for about 20 minutes, but we were doing 1.5 minutes at the fastest we could, then 1 minute at a slower pace.  For me, that was 9.0 (30 seconds), 9.3 (30 seconds), 9.5 (30 seconds) and then 7.0 (1 minute).  Towards the end of the intervals, I was running 9.3, 9.5, 10.0.  I felt really crappy after that workout, but I felt crappy before hand so I’m going to chalk it up to dehydration, not enough sleep, and pushing myself too hard.

Then I worked all day and vegged out on the medical bed during my breaks.

Saturday was one of those typical summer Saturday

Super dark picture. Sorry.

My friend, Bobby, and his roommates had a housewarming party at their new place in Manayunk.  Bobby, Christine and I were the three best friends there ever was in college, so I was excited for the party. The new place is big with a yard(!) and they had a lot of people at the party. We didn’t actually end up getting to the bars since there was so much going on at the house, like corn hole, drinking games, and catching up with Christine, obviously :)  And Russ made a lot of new friends with the other people there.  Boys are so good at talking to other guys.  It amazes 1


I had grand plans to sleep in on Sunday, but I was wide awake at 8:30 so I got up and took the neighbors dog for a walk since I’m doggy sitting this 4

We got off to a rocky start, but we’ve become good friends over the last few days.

And then a breakfast that I actually worked to make pretty:DSC_0015 DSC_0017

And then Russ and I went with my dad to the Kosher butcher and bought a lifetime supply of meat.  You can never have enough pastrami, right?photo 3

The rest of Sunday was spent at the pool, doing my thang (baking my skin, lightning my hair, and saving lives- the usual).

I think that catches us up.  Just for fun- here is a picture of Russ after he accidentally flung hummus into his eye.  He was trying to show me that he can eat hummus with his fingers and it ended up in his eye.  Haaaa!DSC_0040

And here is breakfast from this morning.  My dad and I shared FRESH (as in just-layed) eggs, raisin toast, peach and cherries.  And coffee!DSC_0044

Lastly, I need to say that I was in complete shock when I heard of Robin Williams’ passing.  He was a part of my childhood and has always been one of the best actors and comedians.  Depression is something that can affect anyone and someone close to you may be suffering.  Offer to listen and always be kind.  You never know what demons other people carry.

Have a great day, and if you can, do a little thunder dance for me!  The skies are looking dark, but there is yet to be a drop of rain!