Best Places to Run in Madrid


As I have said before, I didn’t join the gym last year so my fitness routine was limited to going for runs or doing NTC in the park near my house or in my room.  Running (or walking) around a city is my absolute favorite way to see a new city, figure out the lay […]

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Easy, Homemade Hummus


Hummus is one of those must-have things that is always in my refrigerator and I put it on just about… everything.  Vegetables, rice cakes, meat, rice, my spoon.  It’s quick, filling, and so good.  And while it’s not crazy expensive here in Spain, it can be quite pricey in the United States.  Even here, it’s […]

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The Most Filling Breakfast


Hello hello! Happy Tuesday!  Today I am sharing my standby breakfast recipe that is my day-to-day go-to.  It’s simple (ready in under 5 minutes!), cozy, comforting, tasty AND most importantly, it’s filling!  Over the years, I have experimented with fancy breakfasts (it’s my favorite meal of the day!) from eggs, to bagels, to egg sandwiches, […]

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The Freakin’ Weekend!


Hello, hello! Another weekend in the books (*tears*), but we are only 3 days away from the next one, so just keep on chuggin’!  We will get there. This weekend was fannnntastic, as usual.  It started with my favorite cozy breakfast on Friday morning: oatmeal // milk // cinnamon // Stevia // banana slices // […]

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Lighter Sesame-Orange Chicken


I love trying new recipes and making something a little extra “special” on Friday nights.  Something a little better than my usual kale with tuna and hot sauce concoction.  This weekend, I was in the mood for Asian flavors- soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sesame, and did a quick search for Sesame-Garlic chicken.  The results were […]

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Best of Spain: Cafeterias


There are so many awesome things about Spain (and many… not awesome things) that sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking: this place is awesome and this and this and this and THIS is why.  So now, I keep a list in my phone to remind me of the things that make Spain and incredible country to […]

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Weekend by the Photos.


Goooooooooooooood morning and happy Monday! How was the Super Bowl?  Any good parties?  Good dips?  Crunchy chips??  Add: “The Super Bowl parties” to the list of things I sometimes miss about the U.S.  I don’t miss the game itself, but I miss the excitement… and the 7-layer taco dip. Super Bowl or no Super Bowl, […]

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