Sunday Food Preppin’

Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been oddly productive!  Not only did I spend a good 5 hours getting homework and to-dos done yesterday (after a 4 hour nap, of course), but I was awake at 7:30 this morning!  Since I was feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I used the extra time for some food prep.  I’m trying to get a head start on a healthy week of lunches, so I prepped a few things to add to salads and such, and organized the fridge so it’s easy to find healthy ingredients and put together meals.


Chopped romaine // hard boiled eggs // sliced strawberries

  • Romaine- I washed and chopped the romaine and put spinach near the front of the fridge.  I didn’t want to wash the spinach because it tends to go bad faster than romaine.  The hardest part of making salads is the leafy part, right?
  • Eggs- We only had a half dozen eggs, so I boiled them to be added to salads or eaten on their own.  Don’t mind the chunks in the water..that’s avocado.  I used the same spoon that I scooped an avocado with to stir salt into the water. (I have the eggs in salt water because I peeled them ahead of time and want them to stay fresh)
  • Strawberries- I love fruit in salads and these strawberries are starting to go bad, so having them chopped and ready to go will encourage us to use them in the next day or so.
  • Other foods to prep- grilled chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, grains (barley, rice, quinoa)


Roasted Spicy Chick Peas

I saw these for the first time on Iowa Girl Eats and knew I wanted to make them.  I didn’t follow her recipe, but used it as inspiration.  I’m planning to add these to salads for some crunch / protein / spice.

Directions:  Either rinse chick peas from a can or soak raw chick peas overnight until they’re soft.  Preheat the oven to 450* and while it heats up, toss the chick peas in olive oil, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.  I didn’t measure anything so…just do it however you want.  When the oven is ready, roast for 35-45 minutes until golden brown and slightly crunchy/ chewy.  You don’t want them to be soft, but they shouldn’t break your teeth either.DSC_0024-001



Cuba 2015: Day Three and Four

Day Three- Making Friends

The third day was a Saturday and it was the first day that I went out and about on my own!  Well, not on my own, but not with my mom, either.  My friend Eleanor (from HS), put me in contact with some Princeton students that are studying in Cuba.  I started the day with breakfast and more chatting with Leonelito about living in Cuba.  He also told me about some clubs to check out.DSC_05202 hard-boiled eggs // oatmeal with sugar // espresso

After breakfast, Yoselin called me to get together!  I was so excited to have people to talk to!  Not that family isn’t exciting, but it was hard to follow along with Spanish all the time and talking about family things gets old.  I was ready for some fun :)

I took a cab to Havana Vieja with my mom and she left me to do her own exploring while I met up with Yoselin.

Yoselin and I went to Cafe TV for lunch, chatted for almost two hours and I had a great time!  We both had chicken/rice and beans/ plantains/ ice cream and beer.  Healthy dining!  She was seriously so nice we bonded really quickly.  After lunch, we walked to the market and she bought a pair of sandals.  Then we headed to a Jazz club that has shows every afternoon.  The place was packed for 2:00 in the afternoon, so we only stayed for a few minutes.  After lunch, we made our way back to the house where the Princeton students are staying.  The house was not only incredibly beautiful, but HUGE.IMG_9485 IMG_9496 IMG_9500 It housed 35 students with multiple apartments with kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.  There was also a main dining area, a kitchen, a cook and a full time guard.  Reminded me of The Real World…for multiple reasons!  I met a bunch of the students and everyone was so nice and welcoming.  I met Yoselin’s roommate, Denise who was also so, so kind.  I’m happy they live in the US so we will be able to see each other again.  Denise showered and then the 3 of us caught a cab to Havana Vieja to meet up with Yoselin’s boyfriend.  We walked around more, hung out and chatted.IMG_9489DSC_0503

I eventually caught a ride home to shower, eat and get dressed for a night out!  I also packed clothes for the beach the next day.  Fun stuff.

I took a taxi back to Yoselin and Denise’s place and we got ready to go!  I don’t have any pictures from the night, and I wish I did.  Buuuut, we went to a club called Fabrica de Arte.  The line was out the door and around the corner.  We waited for over an hour and they said it was more packed than they had ever seen.  This place was awesome- it was an art museum as well as a movie theater and then had multiple bars and dance floors.  There was also an outdoor courtyard that stayed open after the club closed around 2:30.  Usually it closes at 4:30, but that night it closed at 2:30 because…Cuba.  Since no one wanted to go home so “early”, we headed for the Malecon, which runs along the ocean.  You could see groups of young people chatting and laughing, and we did the same.  Some people wanted to stay to watch the sun rise, but that just wasn’t happening.  I was fading quickly, so we walked home and got back around 5 am!  I was sooo tired, but we were all up by 9 am for a day at the beach!

Day Four-Tarrada

Ah, getting to the beach!  Quite the adventure.IMG_9502  We had heard that you could get to another beach for 1 CUC each (about $1.00), but everyone we asked either charged way too much, or didn’t know what we were talking about.  We were being pointed in all different directions so we eventually found a family that was heading to another beach (Tarada) and told us to tag along!  Nine of us piled into a Jeep-taxi and we were on our way!

First thing first, we had lunch with a view.IMG_9517 IMG_9514 I was absolutely starving from having not eaten and the late night out.  Then…to the beach!IMG_9519 We didn’t want to rent chairs, so we laid in the sand and it was windy and blowing!  We eventually made our way to the pool which had a view of the beach and was so much more comfortable.IMG_9524 IMG_9525 I loved it.  I finished an entire book (Orphan Train- a great book!  Read it if you’re looking for a quick read) and just relaxed…and got really burned but oops. IMG_9529

The taxi came back to get us and we all piled in again, sticky from the sunblock & sand, but I was so happy to have had a day at the beach.IMG_9531

I took a collectivo home and excitedly told mom and Yolanda about my day while eating a huuuuge plate of food.

We were supposed to go to a dance club called 1800 that night (Sunday), but after a shower, I was so unbelievably exhausted from the sun + no sleep the night before.  I called them and told them I would catch up with them in the next couple of days!  They later told me that they went out and had so much fun!  I enjoyed my sleep, though :)

Tomorrow- visiting the cemetary and other adventures.


Cuba 2015: Day 2

[If you’re just catching up, read about day one in Cuba here!]

Day Two: Exploring Havana

So like I said in the last post, I woke up feeling super groggy and sleepy after a restless night in the heat.  But it was nothing a little (or…a lot) of espresso couldn’t fix and some fresh air on the balcony.DSC_0089 DSC_0092 One of my favorite things about Cuba is the street life and the interaction between people.  Sitting on Yolanda’s balcony, you can see friends chatting, people walking to work or elsewhere, people talking from balcony to street, etc.DSC_0094 DSC_0113 DSC_0115 DSC_0110 DSC_0121 DSC_0124 s It’s so fascinating and always makes me wish that the United States had more of a face to face culture.  We are so quick to turn away, or to interact through screens, but there is so much to SEE.

Eventually, it was breakfast time!  Bread and hard-boiled eggs that Yolanda purchased especially for me!  Peanut butter was c/o Trader Joe’s and brought with us from los Estados Unidos.DSC_0100 DSC_0101

Our first full day in Havana was all about exchanging our U.S dollars for C.U.C and then plan out the rest of our trips.  We walked down to Diez de Octubre (the main street through La Vibora, which is where Yolanda lives), and crossed the street to catch la gua gua (the bus).DSC_0126 DSC_0142 DSC_0144 DSC_0139 DSC_0145 DSC_0147 DSC_0150 La gua gua-It’s a true Cuban experience.  Completely jammed pack with sweaty (but clean!) people.  You can oftentimes see the road through holes in the bottom of the bus and you’re a lucky duck if you end up next to a window.  My mom goes, “Tamara! Take a picture of me!!!”  Yeah, ok mom, with my free hand and my ability to balance on this rocking & shaking bus.  No problema.DSC_0156

While my mom and Yolanda waited in line (of course!) to exchange el dinero, I walked around and took pictures.  During this trip, I have a lot less pictures of mi madre and myself, and more of people/cars/things.  Here is the University of Havana, where my new Princeton friends (you’ll see them in future posts) are taking classes and studying for the semester.DSC_0166 DSC_0171 DSC_0177 DSC_0179 DSC_0229 DSC_0233 DSC_0234 DSC_0263 DSC_0270 DSC_0272 DSC_0275 DSC_0280 DSC_0282

Once that was done (nothing goes fast in Cuba- people kept telling my mom “tranquila…”…calm down).  We made our way to lunch at Cafe TV, which is a popular restaurant underneath a building called Focsa (spelling?).  We stopped at touristy craft market where I later bought shoes.DSC_0298 DSC_0301 DSC_0308

There were lunch options that came with a drink, main dish, beans & rice, plantains, and dessert.  So I had a beer, chicken, and the above sides :) DSC_0311 DSC_0312

And caramel ice cream (ish).

Thennnnn more walking with mama, while Yolanda went home.DSC_0315 DSC_0323I took a picture of this sign because I thought it was interesting how unappetizing the pictures were–ketchup on top of the burger bun?DSC_0319

We stopped to take pictures of brides and grooms in front of a church (??).  Yes, brides and grooms- every few minutes, a new car would pull up with a new bride and groom.  They all looked so happy!DSC_0337 DSC_0342

And more pictures: DSC_0343 DSC_0331 DSC_0325 DSC_0346

Cuba 2015: Day 1

Hi friends!

I’ve let a few extra days go by than I originally anticipated before getting these posts together, but I had a physics test on Wednesday morning that I studied for a total of 0 times while I was in Cuba.

C’est la vie.DSC_0018

Anyway, I had an incredible time in Cuba!  I experienced it in many of the same ways that I have in the past (seeing family, walking around, going to the beach), as well as entirely differently (going out with new friends, going to the beach with friends, being a little independent).  I was happy to come home because I missed people here (and the internet, truthfully), but I wasn’t entirely ready to leave, either.DSC_0113

It’s going to be fun writing these recaps, since it will let me relive each day and make my way through the 1,000 photos I took (yes, 1,000.  Sorry in advance.)

Soooo let’s get to it! (And Just FYI, I know I don’t necessarily need to write a post for each day, because not every day was all that interesting- like the first day, for example- but I really enjoy going back and reading these posts.  If you enjoy reading too, great!  If not, scroll through for pictures)

Day One- flying in and meeting family!

Our flight wasn’t too, too early from Miami to Cuba, which is nice for sleeping in, but also meant that we missed most of the day and spent a lot of it waiting in lines in Miami international, but that’s what Cuba is- lines, lines, lines.DSC_0002

Notice the amount of stuff that people had with them- TVs, large bags, bikes!  So many things for family members and friends.  My mom and I had almost 80 pounds of clothes (for us), coffee, oatmeal, peanut butter, garlic, beans, and more beans.

It took us almost 3 hours to get through security in Miami, because the lines are literally INSANE.  Once we got through security, it was smooth sailing.  Unfortunately, we sat on the runway for over an hour with no air conditioning and it was hot, hot, hot, but the people on the flight were hilarious.  The flight attendant went on the loudspeaker, and (in Spanish) said, “Children, behave!!!”.  Once we landed, people were up and out of their seats and one man ran to the front on the plane.  The flight attendant, once again, went on the loud speaker and said “It is a federal law.  “SIT DOWN!!!!!!”  The man that ran to the front was sitting on some lady’s lap, patiently waiting for the plane to stop.  Hahaha.

We walked down the steps, onto the tarmac, and entered the Jose Marti little tiny airport.IMG_9474  Ah, it was good to be back!

We found our heavy bags, got through customs with only mild hiccups, and walked outside to find Yolanda.DSC_0006DSC_0015 DSC_0023 I didn’t mention it before, but Pepe passed away shortly before our trip.  He had been sick for a long time, but Cuba was not the same without his smile and energy.  I feel lucky to have been able to spend as much time with him as I have in my life, but it was still hard to not see him waiting behind the gate when we arrived.  We were, however, happy to see Yolanda and we hope our visit helped lift her spirits a bit.

Yolanda arranged for a neighbor to drive us back to her place, and I happily sat in the front seat so I could snap away with my camera.  I was able to bring my DSLR and I’m so glad I did.DSC_0026DSC_0028 DSC_0035 DSC_0031 DSC_0037 DSC_0041 DSC_0049 DSC_0052

I loved seeing everything- the sights, the people, the signs, the men walking on houses, or pushing carts with children.

We also drove down Pepe’s street, with the beautiful homes that have received more love than other places in Havana and look like places that hold stories of better times.DSC_0053 DSC_0054

Pepe’s House:DSC_0056 DSC_0057

Once we got to Yolanda’s, we hung out, talked with her son Leonel and grandson Leonelito, and had some dinner!  I was so hungry and ate poor than I probably eat in a day. (This photo + flan)IMG_9475  Glorious :)

After dinner, I was completely wiped, but stayed up until a little after 10 before falling asleep.  I spent the night tossing and turning because it was hot, but I was excited to get up and get out!

Coming soon!DSC_0142


Breakfasts and Goodbyes.

Morning!photo 1(15)

Since I know you’ll be missing me dearly over the next 10-12 days, I wanted to pop in one more time before I leave.

In case you haven’t been following my life/ blog as closely as you like to and don’t know–I will be in Cuba for 10 days from Thursday!!photo 2(3)

I leave for Miami tomorrow afternoon and then Cuba on Thursday morning.  My mom was able to secure a visa at the last minute, so she will be joining me and I couldn’t be more excited.img_1479 Of course, I will really miss Russ, Teddy, my dad, brother, and the people that put up with me at school.  But I’ll go out on a limb and assume that more than half of those beings are welcoming this break from me with open arms, so…I’m taking this vacation for them.  And to get as far away from this weather:photo 2(14)

Rest assured (seriously– don’t worry!), that I will be back to tell you all about my trip with too many words and an abundance of pictures.  Sure to keep you on your toes!

Anywho, here is your weekly fix of pictures of my breakfasts and Teddy.  You are so welcome.

photo 1(14)

2 fried eggs with sriracha // orange quarters // sourdough toast with butter // steel cut oats with peanut butter

photo 3(13)

Homestyle breakfast sandwich– sourdough toast // scrambled eggs // American cheese // turkey bacon

photo 5(5)

                                                                   Microwaved egg // crumbled feta // sourdough toast with butter // orange quarters // blueberries and raspberries // black brewed coffee

Stay warm and snuggly these next few days, kids.  I’ll be missing you.

photo 4(11)

But not that much.

Noshing and Snope.

I’ve been doing a ton of eating…seriously a 3(1) This was post first bowl of chicken-tortilla soup and pre- huge plate of various pastas, salads, and enough dessert to induce diabetes.  I’ve also been doing some mediocre photo snapping.  They’ve been collecting dust in my stuffed iPhone memory, so here I am, unloading them for you all to enjoy.  And by you all, I really mean my dad and Russ, my two loyal and lovely fans.  Gracias, gracias.

photo 4(9)photo 1(12)

If you follow me on Instagram (add me–> tlcohen91), you already saw this picture, but, ma and I had brunch in the city.  We went to our new favorite, Parc, where the atmosphere is lively, the service is really great, and the bread is big and plentiful.  We had no problem polishing off our meals and followed by the entire bread basket.  Winter is for a little hip padding…right…?  Right.

photo 3(12)

Before Parc, a little black coffee and homework.  I worked on some bio and the atmosphere wasn’t dead quiet, but busy enough that I only glared at the girl who had her headphones playing loud enough for me to hear.  SMH.

photo 1(13)Post-gym breakfast on Sunday morning.  After a tough Nike Training Club workout, we quickly put together eggs, strawberries, and pumpkin-raisin toast with copious amounts of butter.  Toast x 3.  And like I said…padding on the hips.  I’ve been in serious butter mode.  Butter on everything.  EVERYTHING.

photo 4(10)After said eating extravaganza, there was nothing I wanted more than oatmeal and blueberries and PB/AB.  Go ahead oats, go collect that cholesterol.  Thank you.

photo 1(11)

That oatmeal was eaten on a day that should have been a snow day!  4 inches of snow.  What do you mean I still have to go to physics?!  Like I said, #snope.

photo 2(11)

But my little knight in shining armor (or a snow suit…whatever), got up and shoveled the drive way and car.  Teddy looked out longingly at all that white powder that he could run away in and never be found again.

photo 5(4)

But my little knight only shoveled one car…so pops drove me to the train so he could take that car to work.  “Dad, can you drive me after you get dressed?” “I’m ready”.  Pajamas, slippers, and all.  Here he is talking to our neighbor with a nervous “Didn’t expect to see you out here hahahaha!!!”

photo 2(13)

And last, but certainly not least.  A shout-out to Russ for the beautiful roses on Valentine’s Day.  No problem that my mom thought they were for her.  And double no problem that they were only a day late.  Flowers are flowers, verdad?  :)



Lego World.

Russ and I had a really fun mid-week date on Thursday!photo 3(9)

Russ had 2 tickets to see “The Art of The Brick”, which is an exhibit with over 100 sculptures made entirely by LEGO bricks, by artist Nathan 4(8)

We started our date at Panera since we had a giftcard to use.  I’ve only been there once before, but people seem to love the place.  We both agreed the food is good, but not great.  I did, however, gobble that Broccoli Cheddar down like nobody’s business ;).photo 1(9)The Soba Noodle Bowl was a good attempt at something healthy and Asian-inspired, but it was lacking….flavor?  I’m not sure what it was missing, but it was missing something.  After dinner, Russ gave me an (opened) box of chocolate because romance is his thing.  We proceeded to try every single chocolate in the box and spit the pieces that weren’t worth the calories.  So…all of them.  Panera is begging us to come back soon!

We had 5:30 reservations and it took us a little under an hour to get through the entire exhibit.  It’s really incredible how each piece is made entirely with LEGOs, many taking weeks to complete with thousands of pieces 5(2)

My favorite pieces were the ones that replicated paintings or were super 3(10)photo 1(10)

Many of the sculptures had motivational sayings or messages accompanying them, which I really thought was a little over the top and annoying, but that’s just my shining personality. ;) photo 2(10)

“Tamara just doing what she does best, ripping out his heart” -Russ

We both agreed that we enjoyed it, but wouldn’t recommend that someone pay full price.  We would like to see Body World, though!  That looks super cool.  He also has a new year-long membership that provides unlimited access to the SkyBike…. so unlimited fun.

A successful little date, I’d 2(9)

Initial Thoughts On My Fitbit

As I wrote two weeks ago, I got a new Fitbit through TD Bank’s promotion.  In short, I’m loving it and it definitely motivates me to move more throughout the day.  I may or may not have been doing laps while babysitting the other day just to hit 10,000…

And on the BEST days, I reach over 20,000 steps.  It’s the small things, people…photo 3

Anywho, I thought I would share my initial thoughts on the Fitbit.


1.  Tracks my steps and encourages me to move- I guess this is an obvious one, but knowing that 10,000 steps is a goal really pushes me to take the stairs, walk the longer way, or get up from the computer every once in awhile and move a bit.  It’s just so satisfying to see those little 5 dots lit up!

2. Tracks my sleep-  I’m not really sure how accurate this is, but it’s interesting to see the stats on my sleep each morning.  I like the see how often I’m awake/ restless and can tell that the hour before I get up is the worst hour of the 2(2)**It usually doesn’t say 0x awake.  Often, it’s over 5 times**

3.  The dots on the front screen-  Since there is no actual screen on the Fitbit flex, the dots give me a ballpark range as to how many steps I’ve taken that day.  I get a little too excited when I get another dot!

4.  The Fitbit app- The Fitbit app is easy to use and understand and it shows me my steps/ calories burned/ active minutes/ sleep, and more- all on the home screen!  I can see a more detailed view just by clicking on certain 1 I don’t really use the website all that much because in order for it to sync, you need to be close to your “dongle”, which means you can only sync from one computer, unless you carry the dongle with you.

5. The battery- The battery lasts 5-7 days, which is pretty good if you ask me!  i only have to take it off once a week and let it charge for about 3 hours, which I usually do while I’m doing homework or just hanging out.  I charged it last week while I went to the gym, but still managed to log 16,000 steps that day!  It was a long day :)


1.  No screen.  I know I put this as a pro, but not having a screen on it makes it impossible to see my exact stats at any given point in the day.  Sometimes two dots will be solid and a third will be flashing and I’m like….is it 4,100 steps or 5,900?!  I guess I need to take more steps to find out ;)

2. It only counts “active time” as time taking steps-  Foooooor example, I went to the gym last week and did the Kettlebells class, which just might have been the hardest class I’ve ever taken.  We did squats, lunges, and jumps for 40 minutes, and when I checked my Fitbit, it said I had 4 active minutes!  EXCUSE ME!!!  I’m not sure if it’s designed that way, but plyometrics don’t seem to register.  I’m taking steps!  Just vertically, instead of horizontally ;)  Also, if you look at the screen shot above, it says 7,933 steps, but 0 active minutes.  I went to a 40 minute spin class AND ran/walked for 10 minutes on the treadmill, yet I haven’t done anything active?  Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

3. It could fall off-  Maybe it’s just my own inabilities, but the snap seems to get caught on my clothes often and there have been a few times I’ve almost lost it.  Nooooo.  Don’t leave me, Fitbit.

4.  Condensation in the band-  The actual Fitbit is a little piece of plastic, while the band you see people wearing is just holding the Fitbit.  While the Fitbit is “water resistant”, it is not water proof.  After a long, sweaty workout, my band often has condensation in it for a few hours, which I assume is not good for the Fitbit.  I try to remember to take it off and dry it out, but I think it needs a couple little vents, if that makes sense.


I really, really love having the Fitbit and would recommend getting one for anyone that works well by visual motivation and stat tracking.  Knowing what I know now, I don’t think I would pay full retail for the Fitbit, since it can be lost quite easily and for other reasons listed above.  I am, however, happy to have gotten it through the promotion and I think you should all try to get one, too!

For more reviews on Fitness products, see here:

Nike Training Club


A Really Fun Weekend (+ Last Weekend!)

Hi Friends!!

How was your weekend?  I hope it was eggcellente and you’re ready to make this week a good one….or you’re already ready for next weekend.  Either one is fine and completely understandable!

**If you’ve been pining for pictures of me, this is the post for you.  Hold onto your hats.**

This weekend was really, really great!  I may have an orgo test this Tuesday, but orgo schmorgo….who cares ;)

The weekend basically started Thursday afternoon when we called it quits on studying and went to Jefferson night at a local bar.  I ate an impressive amount of pizza and had some beer too :)  On Friday morning, I felt surprisingly good considering the late bedtime (for me, grandma).  We had class, which I paid 50% attention in (that’s HUGE for me on Friday morning…).  And then Nicole and I went to a spinning class and sweat out the previous night’s toxins and then we had a guest ENT plastic surgeon talk to us about his life/careen and in a matter of an hour, had us all wanting his life (impressive run-on sentence, no?).  Bueno bueno.

Friday afternoon, I took the train home during DAYLIGHT!  I almost forgot what the world looked like during the day!  After snuggling with Teddy for a few minutes:photo(41) I camped out at the local co-op with coffee, my computer, and orgo and got some work done.  If you’re from Elkins Park, the co-op is a good place to get work done!  There is enough hustle and bustle that it’s not dead quiet, but it’s quiet enough.  And they have coffee + wifi!  Russy was there doing his work too!  But he gets paid…and I just suffer.  He spent his break with me…lucky lucky girl. ;)

photo 1(14)

“Stop taking pictures of me”

Dinner on Friday was homemade Korean BBQ and sauteed bok choy.  Sheesh, I was so happy to see green vegetables…it’s just been too long.

We watched Shark Tank and other Friday night TV before calling it a night at an hour that would warrants this face…IMG_5699

That picture turned into a bunch of memes that are too inappropriate for the internet…but had me cracking up.   Also, that’s a five finger forehead if I’ve ever seen one!  I should consider bangs…


Up bright and early for the gym and brunch!  I love starting the day with a workout and brunch…one of my favorite 3(9)


I took it easy at the gym because I still felt wrecked from Thursday’s kettlebell class.  You are trying to kill me, Steve!!! I did 10 minutes on the bike + a 30 minute (3 mile) run outside!  Yes, yes, yes you read that right!  Outside!  It was 45 degrees, so I ran outside…in shorts.  Some concerned citizen stopped me mid-run to ask if I was okay.  You mean, like, okay in the head???  Because probably not.  My legs were completely numb.  C’est la vie.  Then 8 minute abs with dad + Russ.  We all loved it.  Haha.

Entonces, brunch at Johnny Tates.  Or is Jimmy Tates?  I don’t know but it was inexpensive and perfect.  Bagel with egg, turkey bacon, and cheddar for 3(10)

4 (shared) poached eggs + toast + hashbrowns for popphoto 1(15)

And an omelette + hashbrowns for 2(15)

I think it’s safe to say that mine was best.

After brunch, we dropped Russ off at work, stopped at the library so I could pick up more depressing reads (think plane crashes and being held captive in Tehran).  Once we were home, I showered and got in bed “for a quick hour nap”.

I hit snooze 18 times and slept until almost 5:00. iisrug842091352454yu97&&#*(&$^#&!!!!

oOOOppps!  I studied for all of 45 minutes, ate dinner with ma and pa and then got ready for a night 4(7)

I went to Nicole’s around 8:30 and we went to Ollin’s around 10:30.  The rest of the night FLEW by.  We eventually ended up at Cuba Libre, but not after an hour-long trek around the city.  By the end of the night, my Fitbit had reached 16,000 steps, and that’s not including gym time!  What a workout, but really so much 5(4)


Getting up to study never goes as planned.  Despite my good intentions, I wasn’t doing work until almost 4:30 pm.  That brings us to right now.  I’m planning on doing a bit more for a couple of hours, then dinner (homemade chicken-cheese steaks with sauteed peppers and onions)photo(42) Then a trip to Trader Joe’s with my favorite dad and my favorite credit card ;) (JK!)

Edited to add: we got to spin the Wheel of Joe!!! Highlight of my weekend, for sure.

Scenes from last weekend:

Last weekend was another really great weekend.  I had trouble uploading pictures this week, but it seems to be working now so I wanted to share.IMG_0285

Russ and I were abandoned at home, so we made pizza and big salads together.  The pizza was just okay, but the salads were phenomenal.  I would share the salad pictures, but Russ was in charge of taking the photo.  Let’s just say he has been fired from his food photography job.

photo 1(16)

Dim Sum in Chinatown with Russ’ and his family.  This was a lot of fun and something I’ve never done before!  Unfortunately, most things came with shrimp, pork, or shrimp AND pork.  But the things I did get to eat were really good!  And the whole shrimp/ pork thing was funny.

photo 2(16) photo 3(11)

The SuperBowl a.k.a PUPPY Bowl!  We went to the SuperBowl at our friend’s, Kevin and Brandyn’s house.  Forget the actual game…I spent the entire night holding that adorable 8 week old puppy!  And of course, eating and watching the commercials/ halftime show.  I thought the show was really, really good!  But haterz gon hate.

Have a great week, kids.

Or don’t.


Friday Favorites 1/30/2015

1.  Old Navy Clearance and Activewear Sale


I was in desperate need for some new workout clothes.  Running in freezing weather in knee-length capris, working out in old, stained tanks, and 3 sports bras.  I sort of rectified the situation by taking advantage of Old Navy’s active wear sale and was able to pick up a pair of running leggings ($18), 2 tanks (total $6), two t shirts (total $8).  So far, I LOVE the leggings- they’re snug, but flattering and warm (and look like mom pants according to Russ/ Nicole).  The tanks are loose and flowy, and the t-shirts are nice and baggy, just how I like them.

2.  TD Bank Fitbit Flex Promotion


I missed the train last night so while I sat their cursing my bad luck, I saw on the screen at the train station that TD Bank is offering a promotion for new account holders.  If you open a checking/savings account, sign up for online banking and get a debit card, you get a brand spankin’ new Fitbit FLEX!  I am so, so, so (too) excited about this!  I’ve wanted a Fitbit ever since I heard about them, so this is totally making my week.  Now I can track my steps, and sleep cycles AND get woken up at the optimal time.  BONUS is that TD bank offers free coin counting.  I’m too happy about this….and I’ll let you know how much I love it!

3. Going to Cuba next month!

cubaaGoing back for the third time, hopefully to catch one last back stage glance at Cuba before things really open up with the United States.  Of course, also excited to see my family, explore the culture and the sights, and have fun!  Who wants rum?  Cigars?  :)

4. A House in the Sky


I literally haven’t been able to put this book down.  I intentionally leave it home every day so I don’t sit in class/ lunch/ the bathroom/ the library just reading.  Because I would.  The book is a memoir about the author’s time spent traveling the world until she finds herself in Somalia as a reporter and ends up getting kidnapped.  She is held for almost 400 days, always wondering if it’s going to be her last.

5. 24 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Eating Healthy Super Easy.


I originally saw this on Buzzfeed, but then it popped up again and I had to share it with all of you!  Buzzfeed never fails, but this article is awesome for anyone that wants reminders on how to cook healthy foods or for anyone looking for some healthy inspiration.  There are infographics for everything from types of greens, types to grains, salad dressing, cooking times, and more. I like some of them enough that I thought printing and framing them would look awesome in a kitchen.  Check out the link!