Vamos a Espana!

Hola amigos!!

Most of my friends and family already know, but for the rest of you that read this little blog (hey extended family on Facebook and a few people from high school and college) that don’t know, well…I’m going to Spain next year!

Fullscreen capture 6142015 83143 PM

For the entire school year!!!

I’m excited to be going on the adventure of my life…

barcelona 1

But I’m nervous and SO SCARED.  I’m afraid to completely uproot my life, to say bye (or see you later) to the people that I love and see every day.  I’m nervous about what the next year will bring and what kind of experiences I’ll have.

But mostly, I’m so excited for this new adventure and opportunity and I’m so looking forward to bringing you all along for the ride.  Before I leave, I am planning an “Espana series” to tell you about how I’m doing this, what I’m doing, and how you can do it too.  And then when I’m in Spain, I’ll be updating with all of my adventures and using this blog as a way to keep you all up-to-date with my happenings abroad.

I feel like I’m diving into a dark pool head-first, but the only way to find out what’s in the water… to jump.

Here goes nothing…

5 Steps for Fueling My Fitness!

Hey, hey, hey!

It has been fo-or-ev-er since I’ve really written about exercise and the like.  I’ve been slacking with the posts, but not with the workouts (I swear!!).  ETB Fit, a nutritional supplement company, inspired me to tell you all about how I fuel my fitness before, during and after my workouts.  Feel free to check out ETB Fit for healthy pre workout supplements to help fuel your workout!  While I have not tried them myself, they are something that I would incorporate into my routine.  I figured that writing this post would be a great way to get back onto the fitness-writing train!

Anyway, all aboard ;)

Here are 5 things that I need to do in order to get the most out of my workout!  I’m not one for being at the gym longer than an hour or an hour and 15 minutes, so doing these things are important for getting in and out.

1.  Eat before I workout

I used to be a super early riser and  super early exerciser, so I would eat half a banana with peanut butter and be on my way.  These days, I usually fit in a workout mid or late morning, so I eat a substantial breakfast that will keep off hunger until I get home.  My favorites are:

Oatmeal // fruit // almond milk // peanut butter // cinnamon (and coffee if it’s early enough, but not too close to working out)IMG_0465

Or eggs // cheese // toast with butter // spinachIMG_0155

Both of those breakfasts sit nicely through my workout, but things like cottage cheese and yogurt…not so much.

If I’m hungry during a workout, I get lightheaded and weak, and I’ve been known to leave the gym, go get a snack, and come back.  I really can’t push through hunger!

2. Music or Netflix!

Ugh I love the gym, but I also kind of…hate the gym.  Treadmills and other cardio equipment are great places to do intervals and get in a good workout, but dear Lord, those cars driving by the gym are only interesting for so long.  A good, upbeat playlist or Pandora station is my favorite way to really push myself on the cardio equipment.  Click here and here for my favorite Latin playlists!  My favorite Pandora stations are: Summer Hits of the 2000′s, Pop Fitness Radio, Wake Me Up Radio, Prince Royce Radio, and Taking Back Sunday Radio for a trip down memory lane.  When I feel like drowning everything out and just doing some steady-state cardio, Lorelai and Rory (Gilmore Girls) keep me company ;) Gilmore-Girls-gilmore-girls-1907388-1103-1500

We all want to be a Gilmore.  Noooo shame over here.

Of course, if Gilmore Girls isn’t your thing (what? how?) there are other Netflix and Pandora things to keep you rockin’ and rollin’ on the cardio equipment.  My dad listens to Jim Gaffigan Pandora, which makes him crack up and chuckle while he’s exercising.  He’s the crazy man that thinks the elliptical is just too funny!

3. Switch it up.

Exercise should be FUN and it should be something that makes you feel good.  With that being said, cardio machines and weights can get SO BORING if that’s all you do!  I really try to switch it up with different exercise classes interspersed into the regular gym workouts.

A regular week of workouts:

Sunday: long run outside

Monday: Cardio & Nike Training Club

Tuesday: Bootcamp workout

Wednesday: Spinning

Thursday: Kettlebells Class

Friday: Short run and abs

Saturday: Rest.

I love boot camp-style workouts, as well as spinning and kettebell classes.  Interval workouts are also great for helping the time pass on the cardio equipment and getting in an awesome, sweaty workout. See my workout tab for interval workout inspiration.  When all else fails, or you don’t have access to workout classes, Nike Training Club will give you an incredible workout and keep things moving.  Also- take your workout outside!  Go to the pool, go for a run, go for a hike.  This all brings me to my next point…

4. Go outside!

A great workout does NOT have to happen in the gym, and often, my best workouts happen outside.  Go for a run and get a little lost or see a new place/ trail.  Take a couple weights outside with a water bottle or a towel and exercise in the grass.  Go to the local pool and swim laps.  Go for a hike or a run with a friend (this is my favorite thing!)  Going outside and doing something new makes working out so much more fun and leaves you with a nice tan :) IMG_0466

The view during last weekend’s run.

You can also incorporate local races into your workouts.  I love “fun runs” like color runs, and local road races where the entire community is out cheering!  Incorporate these into your weekend routine for some fun weekend exercise.IMG_0124

5. Refuel.

The first, first, FIRST thing I do when I get home is chug water and then eat… IMMEDIATELY.  I’m usually pretty hungry by the time I get home, so I have to eat.  If I do a tough lifting workout, I’ll drink a protein shake and then eat something more substantial, but more often than not, I just go for the food.  My favorite post-workout meals are eggs, salads with some sort of protein, or dinner leftovers.IMG_0320

Post-run meal


Another post-run meal (plus a lot more food!)

It’s important to eat enough throughout the day to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts.

And lastly…IMG_0413

Nothing beats a couple ice-cold beers after a good workout!  Gotta make it worth it somehow! :)

And one more for good measure:

Drink plenty of water!!!  My water bottle is like a 5 apendage and is always full!  I can never get enough water, and during these summer months, it’s especially important.  We don’t want any heat stroked people out there!  I drink plenty before, during, and after my workout and my favorite thing to do is to add a little pizzazz in the form of mint // cucumbers // lemon // lime, in any combination that fits your fancy.IMG_0498

I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned from my 5 Steps for Powering Through my workouts!  If you have any questions or tips to add, feel free to get in touch via e-mail or twitter/ instagram!

Disclaimer:  ETB Fit inspired this post topic.  As always, all comments and opinions are my own.  Thanks for your support!


Urban Beach Weekend

I worked over 24 hours in 2 days last weekend, yet it was still a fun weekend!  I started Friday with a sunny breakfast:IMG_0465And Saturday with a 2.5 mile run to get the endorphins going:IMG_0466IMG_0471-001

I had a blast at both parties we catered, ESPECIALLY the Bar Mitzvah.  Oh my gosh was it fun.

Sunday was my first day off all week!  So Andrew, Nicole and I went to “the beach”.IMG_0472 IMG_0485While I studied for a test (that I may or may not have done absolutely horribly on), they went to Trader Joe’s for some picnic supplies.  We had chicken salad and rolls, hummus with carrots, grapes, mango, bean salad,….and beer.

And a view!IMG_0475 IMG_0488

A few short hours later, we were a hop and skip away across the water, looking over at where we had just been.IMG_0487

It was a great day at the beach ;) IMG_0483

….as you can tell by those faces.

Gettin’ Beachy

Good Morning!!

Two posts in a row?! Who am I?!

I’m writing this post from my parents House Share down in Margate.IMG_0417 My parents get part of the house every other week for the entire summer, so I came down for the weekend.  As soon as this post goes up, we are heading out for a boardwalk walk and then I have to eat lunch, shower, and catch the train back to the city.  We are catering a wedding at a fancy schmancy venue in the city, so it should be fun!!

This quick little trip has been (mostly) fun and relaxing and I’m looking forward to coming back soon…ish…


We had dinner the first night, brought from home:IMG_0384lasagna // salad with olive oil and salt // beer // lots of water

And then went walking for about an hour on the boardwalk before crashing HARD.

Friday morning brought a 5 mile run and then breakfast on the deck:IMG_0385

And the beach, of course ;) IMG_0386

And then Happy Hour drinks with maaaa.  Trust me, these were EARNED.IMG_0413

I’m off!  Have a great day :)

Summer In My Mind’s Eye

This winter was so brutally cold and long that I spent a lot of time wishing for summer to hurry up and get here and thinking about all the fun things I would be doing when it finally turned warm and sunny.  Since I’m oh so creative, I pictured the beach and lots of time doing outdoorsy things.  This last week has been exactly what I’ve been picturing, and I’m actually typing up this post from the beach!IMG_0333

Backing up to last week….

Everyone who’s anyone took the MCAT last Friday (except me….) so (naturally) we celebrated.  I dug up my inner college girl and made Jell-O shots.IMG_0268 Needless to say, they went quickly.  It was a good night, but word to the wise: don’t mix sangria, beer, more beer….just don’t.

i was up the next day to go hiking with my two favorite people from college!IMG_0274IMG_0278-001

After the hike, we did a BBQ that almost wasn’t a BBQ, but then was a BBQ.  Do you follow?IMG_0291Like usual, it was so good to see Bobby and Christine.

On Sunday, I worked alllll day.  It was completely exhausting, but the time passes quickly and I love watching people dance at weddings.  I think there should be a type of dance called “white people wedding dancing”, because I promise you, it’s a thing.  It’s DEFINITELY a thing ;)

On Sunday night, I passed out and then woke up Monday to go to the beach with my Jefferson friends!  I had been looking forward to getting to the beach all winter long and going with friends is that much more fun.  Andrew’s family has an apartment that he graciously allowed us all to stay in, so I was super excited to get going!  We made tacos, pico de gallo and guacamole on the first night.  After filling up on chips and guac/ pico, I wasn’t super hungry so I had a taco salad…because if food is there I must eat it.IMG_0305

To keep up the Mexican theme, we (obviously) had margaritas, which Andrew took VERY seriously.IMG_0302

We spent time on the beach, drank, played games, etc. etc.

On Tuesday morning, I got up to go for a run.  I’ve been really slacking on working out this week between working (but I maintain my position that working for a catering company is a workout!!!) and going to school.  I ended up covering just over 5 miles in Cape May and loved looking at the cute houses and businesses.  IMG_0308 IMG_0312 IMG_0316 IMG_0336After the run….breakfast time!!!IMG_0320Basically leftover tacos + eggs.

And then time for the beach!IMG_0327

Eventually lunch..IMG_0332

And before we knew it, we were heading home.IMG_0360

Or actually, we were heading out to dinner for a sort of “goodbye dinner” for Cecil! IMG_0366He’s become such a close friend over the course of the year and has been more than generous with his house and his futon and everything in between.  I’m so sad that he went home today, but now we all have an excuse to go to LA :)  And this is one of those sorry looking pictures that looks moderately better in black and white.  Trust me.

Cecil was our excuse to go out for sushiIMG_0364IMG_0365

And early Wednesday morning, I was up bright and early to take an exam that I was neglecting.IMG_0370 Don’t worry, I’ve been more than paying for this beach trip in terms of being completely lost in my calculus class!

It was the perfect weekend and made me so much more excited for the rest of the summer!  Hopefully with Russ sooner rather than later!

Food Lately and Some Teddy, Too

Another accidental hiatus these past couple of weeks!  It feels like I’ve been busier than busy with work (catering and hosting) and school (Spanish and calculus and OAT) and doing other summery things.  I’ll try to fill you in with what I’ve been doing and eating with another Lately post.  Here we goooo!


IMG_0211I’m no more decisive than I was a year or two ago about what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I know that I am more than moderately interested in optometry and so!  I am going to apply to optometry schools for Fall of 2016.  Hey ma, look!  I’m making life plans.  Who knew I was capable?  Anyway, in order to apply, I need to take the OAT, similar to the MCAT, but shorter and less gruesome.  I officially started studying last week and have been trying (and failing) to study a little bit each day.  It’s been more difficult now that my (also necessary for Optometry school) calculus class has started.  I’m going to study as soon as this is posted…promise!  Also…follow me on Instagram, why don’t ya? (@tlcohen91)

Summer Veggie Lovin’

IMG_0231Now that it’s warming up, I’ve been munching on lots of fresh foods.  Actually, it’s raining and cold as I type this…ironic.  But!  On the warmer days, salads are the name of the game.  This one (as seen on Instagram) had kale, spinach, strawberries, chicken, cucumber, carrot and olive oil dressing.  Served with broccoli quiche on the side.

Food Truck Fest


When you eat so many healthy things, you also have to eat unhealthy things.  Balance, right?  I went to a food truck festival on South Street in Philly with NICOLE and Ollin and Justina.Fullscreen capture 5212015 40826 PM

We walked around and ate wayyyyyy toooooo muuuuch.  Corn // tacos // tofu // ice cream–> THE BEST ICE CREAM!  Lots of bangin’ food and I’m so happy I saw Nicole.  I miss her and her bullying ;)

Teddy Teddy Teddying


When he hears me getting up in the morning, he always comes to snuggle and lick my face.  Mmmm morning doggy breath.IMG_0215



This was a snapchat and if we’re friends on snapchat, then you know that my snaps are either a) Teddy b) Me with Teddy or c) Me stuffing as many carrots in my mouth as I can in 10 minutes.  Love all 3.

And for the rest…all food!

BreakfastsIMG_0260Oatmeal // peanut butter // strawberry // banana // almond milk

IMG_0248Kale// eggs // feta cheese // sunflower seeds // bread // strawberries // mango



Barley // chickpeas // goat cheese // strawberries // basil // sunflower seeds // olive oil-lemon dressingIMG_0261Two Trader Joe’s Wheat Wraps- one with hummus // pastrami // pickles // spinach mix, one with goat cheese // turkey // avocado // spinach mix.



Perciatelli // homemade tomato sauce // turkey meatballs // cheese!



I swear I still workout!  Check back tomorrow for Fitness Friday :)

That is all!  Have a great day!



Fitness Friday 5/8/2015

I know I write about having fun and eating unhealthy food often…but….I still do workout!  Multiple times a week, actually.  I should get back to writing about it, so here’s to doing just that!  Cheers and have a great weekend!

Saturday: Rest (But I worked at a wedding for 12 hours and was on my feet the entire time!  That counts!)

Sunday: 8.5 miles in the Broad Street Run + 10 miles of walking.  My Fitbit said I covered 38,000 steps and over 18 miles!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest (worked)

Wednesday: 8.2 mile run around Philadelphia–> Art Museum–>Boathouse Row–>Old City

Thursday: 2 mile run, 5 minute bike ride, and then my BodyPUMP-Inspired workoutBodypump-full-body-workout

Friday: [anticipated] 1 mile walk to the gym, assortment of Kettlebells exercises and 1 mile walk home



The First Weekend Post-Post-Bacc (Plus a few more days)

Happy Monday!

As I write this, the girl that I babysit is taking a nap and I actually have time to write this instead of needing to study or “study” for this or that.  It feels goooood to have nothing to do, but on the other hand, I feel a sense of “loss” now that my post-bacc program is over (as weird as that sounds).  I know that I’ll get to see all of my friends often (I HOPE!), but it’s weird knowing that I won’t be going downtown every day.  I definitely had more fun and made better friends than I ever imagined before starting this program.  It’s weird to think that-basically up until my first day of class- I was considering deferring my enrollment.  I’m so glad I chose to go through with the program and when I look back on the last few months, I honestly have NO idea where the time went.  Aw, makes me sad!! Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend and a few from last week (finals week!!)

Pre-physics final breakfast!  Oatmeal with PB and banana and black coffee.

IMG_0003I put this picture on Instagram (@tlcohen91) and said that I was hoping the good stuff in each of those would help me get an A on my physics final.  Nooooot quite!  But I did get an A in the class by the Grace of God or SOMETHING.

And after the final, we celebrated with ice cream!

IMG_0005So they don’t know I took that picture.  Ooops.

Again, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen this picture or one that is very similar.

IMG_0007Teddy HATES going for walks.  He will walk a few houses down, but he always wants to turn around.  This picture was taken on our neighbors lawn where he refused to move from.  So stubborn.

Breakfast pre-Day of Orgo Studying.


For extra brain power?  Oatmeal // oatbran // Greek yogurt // maple syrup // raspberries

My little lunch (and dinner / breakfast / snack) buddy.


Whenever I’m eating, he sits on my lap and either sleeps or watches my food.  Sometimes he steals something off my plate, but only when he thinks I’m not watching.

And this…


….needs no explanation.

April is the month of birthdays!

IMG_0024Russ (and his twin brother, Matt), Russ’ mom, my mom AND my brother, Leland!  Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays.  My mom made a bangin’ carrot cake for Leland’s birthday.  It’s almost gone ;)

My breakfast of choice all weekend!

IMG_0030Sauteed spinach // scrambled eggs // avocado // roasted potatoes (usually toast, too)

Pre-organic chemistry final.


A little sibling photo.  Why can’t I ever just smile…

And post-final festivities!!!

IMG_0033 IMG_0035 IMG_0032

We were drinking Jungle Juice a la Cecil.

Saturday morning was my first day of work, so a needed something to keep me full.


I really think I just love butter and bread and I eat the eggs and spinach because it makes me feel healthier.  Just butter and bread, please.

While I was at work, my mom was busy cookin’ up a storm.


Before I even got through the door, she was handing me spoonfuls of dip to try.  Homemade hummus!  Greek yogurt dip (of some sort)!, Roasted Beet and Tahini dip!  And I brought the veggies.

And then I saw my faaaavorite people from college on Saturday night!!


I saw Bobby, Christine and Justin and it was almost like old times, but we consumed less alcohol ;)  And when I took that picture, it looked a lot lighter at the time.  I had to lighten it so much just to get to the point that you’re seeing!  Sheesh.

On Sunday morning, we had Family Brunch!IMG_0045-001

Dad and I made homemade waffles (plain and blueberry) and fruit salad.IMG_0047

The rest of Sunday was spent napping, going to the gym, and then on Sunday night, Russ and I won the 59th Find Me Philly challenge!!!!


It’s a game where a guy posts pictures around Philadelphia.  You have 13 minutes to be the first to get to him and win $100. I was standing in my kitchen looking at Instagram and I saw a picture posted about 2 minutes from my house!  I nearly had an aneurysm and yelled to Russ so that we could go.  Never mind the number of traffic laws that we broke, we won $100!  It was fun and the guy that does the challenge is super nice.  If you don’t follow him on Instagram or twitter, you should!  (@FindMePhilly)

After that excitement, I had the usual for breakfast this morning.IMG_0050

Only 3 more hours of babysitting!  Wish me luck ;)  And enjoy the warm (ish) weather!IMG_0054

Lately 4.0

Another Lately coming your way!!

I have really fallen off of the DSLR bandwagon and the quality of these pictures makes me cringe.  Sorry about that!  I promise I’ll get back to nicer photos after Thursday (Maybe!)

Let’s begin with a photo called, “Let’s Go Get A Drink”

IMG_0617“Let’s go get a drink” always turns into more than A drink.  Time and time again, we will never learn.  This was last Wednesday night with Nicole and Andrew.

And then there was Friday!


We had no intentions of just getting one!  Nicole took her official MCAT that morning, so there was need for lots of celebrating, and celebrating is what we did ;) IMG_9956 IMG_9957It was a fun night that ended fairly early!


But that doesn’t mean we all woke up feeling chipper.  Nothing that a diner breakfast couldn’t fix, where I learned the difference between wheat bread and wheat toast.  There is a difference, apparently…

Besides breakfast, Saturday was the warmest day we’ve had this season, so we went to the quad and hung out with some Cuban music and the sun.IMG_9960

On Sunday, Russ and I went to a birthday brunch at his mom’s house!IMG_9976IMG_9982

And Teddy had a relaxing day at homeIMG_9975

Well, I think that catches us up with all of the Lately news in my life!  Happy Spring!Spring


A Perfect Weekend.

**Started this post last week, so this is a recap of two weekends ago.  Better late than never…

This past weekend was one of those weekends where I didn’t have a moment to sit back and relax because I was out and about- having fun and making me all the more excited for summer to get here!  It’s so close and this weekend’s warm weather is going to make getting through these next two weeks of exams so much harder to endure, but then…FREEDOM.


I got a bunch of Russ’ friends together to celebrate his birthday at Dave & Buster’s!  It was no 21st birthday celebration, but it was fun nonetheless, and actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  His birthday isn’t until next weekend, but this is what he wanted to do!  It wasn’t a lot of us, but the guys went off and did their thing while Nicole and I played games that got us a lot of tickets and also DDR.  I used to have DDR at home and after Friday night, I am strongly considering bringing it back out at home.  So much fun and such a good workout…my legs were sweating :)  In the end, everyone had a lot of fun, especially Russ, and that’s all that matters!IMG_9911

We accumulated a lot of tickets, but there are no good prizes!  Everyone used their tickets to get candy, but I used mine to get a Superman mug.  It lasts longer…


After a super late night on Friday, I had to get up early because a very special little someone had GRADUATION!  Teddy graduated from his Level 1 training course and it was as adorable as it sounds- graduation music, certificates, and Milk Bones for the graduates.IMG_9918

I wouldn’t say he is excelling in his new tricks-because he is still as bad as ever-, but I know he can do them and we learned the commands and corrections.  I’m definitely happy to have my Saturday mornings back, though.

After graduation fun and some time at the dog park, I was rather productive!  I spent the day doing homework and hanging out in my sweats.  I spent the rest of the night watching Netflx in bed, going back to my grandma roots.


My oh my, Sunday was such a great day!IMG_9943 I spent the morning at job training (Yes!! I got a new job.  Details to come!) and then caught the train from the city to Manayunk to spend the day with my best friends from college.  It’s been awhile since you’ve seen them on here and it was so good to be back together.  It felt very “college” to be playing corn hole and drinking beers in the sunshine.  I miss college and I miss THEM!



We walked through Manayunk’s StrEAT festival and had our normal shenanigans.IMG_9934

This was post-complimentary tequila shot and it was DISGUSTING! After spending the entire afternoon catching up, I took the train to more shenanigans!  A really fun day continued into the night and I woke up Monday morning paying for it :)

Looking forward to an entire summer just like that perfect sunny weekend!