What I’m Thankful For 2016.


This isn’t even half.  I was literally surrounded by pie. First and foremost, I am thankful that yesterday was Thanksgiving and I don’t need to look at or think about pumpkin pie for another year.  WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO?! Also, since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a good time to take note of the […]

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Checking In V.


Making: pumpkin pie for daaaayyyyyyyyyyyyz.  I decided to start a little business- Bruja’s Bakery (from idea –> business –> closing the business in less than two weeks.  Just for Thanksgiving.  I am selling pumpkin pie, pumpkin-cream cheese rolls, Nutella-stuffed blondies annnnnnd raspberry-oatmeal crumble bars.  And for this week and next week, I feel like I’m drowning […]

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A Weekend in Lyon, France: Part II


So, where were we?  OH yeah, talking about food and cheese and wine.  That was basically the theme of day two in Lyon… Obviously, I was happy about that. The day started with breakfast of the oatmeal and coffee variety (bonuses of being in an airbnb vs. hotel) And continued through the city, past the […]

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A Weekend in Lyon, France.


Another amazing, whirlwind of a weekend in the books.  I feel so incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to travel as much as I do and to be living in such a wonderful country with proximity to all of these places where I can just get away for a quick (but intense) three day getaway […]

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