Blue Skies, Shining Sun & Crystal Clear Water

…all in my imagination. 

Oh, what I would do to be here:

ImageImageOr anywhere similar!  Those photos are from a few years ago in St. John, U.S Virgin Islands.  (Fun Fact: I had sun poisoning in the above photo!  Wear sun screen boys and girls!  Not fun at all).

Anyways, I’m not there, or at any beach for that matter, so to make myself feel like I’m in a tropical place, sipping a fruity drink on some sunny beach, I had to improvise.  I whipped out the blender and made the closest thing to a tropical island, without all the sand, surf and everything else 😉

ImageChobani Vanilla Greek yogurt, plain Greek yogurt, frozen banana chunks, pineapple (I used canned), mint, and enough almond-coconut milk to get things moving.  (I can’t take credit for this concoction- I found it on Carrots ‘n’ Cake)

The mint is what really gives this smoothie a tropical flavor and lucky for me, we have a ton of mint for all of my smoothie-making needs. 😉ImageIt was delicious and I imagined I was on a tropical island until the very last drop, at which point I snapped back to reality!

So that brings me to here, home, and getting ready to ride my bike to the pool for the first time this summer.  Here’s to hoping all goes well and I can do it often.

And I’m off!Image

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  1. Yum! Sign us up for one of those smoothies.

    Thanks for featuring yours truly!

    -Your friends @Chobani