Fitness Friday: That Time I Ran 20 Miles On A Treadmill

Yes, you read that right!  Yesterday, I ran seven miles in the morning and then 13 miles later in the day, all done on a treadmill like a hamster!  Before I talk about that, lets back up a bit.

I have been in RA training, so working out when I want to went out the window the minute I got here.  Instead, I have been doing what I can in the limited free time that I have.  Considering that isn’t much, I don’t think my workouts were too shabby this week! photo(7)editSaturday: 4 mile jog followed by 1 mile of treadmill interval sprints and then 8 minute abs.

Sunday:  6 mile run.  I was only planning to run three miles, but somewhere along the run it dawned on me that I am running a half marathon in three short weeks, so longer runs are imperative.

Monday:  3.5 mile run.  See, I initially went out for a walk after a long day of sitting in training sessions, but after seeing a number of people jog by, the running bug bit me and I decided to run too.  I just happened to be carrying my I.D, keys, and cell phone and I was wearing a hoodie, but it was a good run nonetheless.

Tuesday: 4 mile run on the trails, followed use of the row/ lat machine, incline press, chest press and shoulder press.  8 minute peaceful.

Wednesday: Rest. It is rare that I take a rest day during the week, but I was just so. tired.  So unbelievably tired both physically and mentally.  It felt good to take a break!

Thursday: 20 MILES (total)!!!!!!  Last night, I decided that I would get up this morning and run 13 miles, since I will be busy for at least another 2 weeks, meaning I will only have one weekend to fit in a long run.  In short: it needed to happen today.  Well, you see, dark clouds, drizzle and a warm and cozy bed do not make for good motivation to get up and go run a ridiculous number of miles.  Truth be told, I am extremely hard on myself when I skip a workout, especially if it’s to sleep.  It’s probably unhealthy, but I ALWAYS regret sleeping in an extra hour.  Today was really no different, and when I woke up, I was annoyed with myself.  I almost didn’t workout at all, since I had already “screwed up”, but after a few minutes, I got myself out of bed saying I would run 2/3 miles and then lift weights.  Well, the power of Netflix and Orange is the New Black is quite strong, so I ended up watching 1.5 episodes and running 7 miles- all under 8 minutes!  Phew!  I had so much energy and felt like I could keep going, but I needed to shower before a meeting.  I told myself that maybe I would run an additional 5/6 after the meeting.

When the meeting was over, I put on my wet and sweaty (cute, right?) gym clothes and headed back out to the treadmill.  1…2…3… miles ticked by.  Less than half way to go.  So I got to 6 miles.  Well that would make 13.  The energy and adrenaline were still going strong, so what is another two miles to get to 15?  Eventually, Orange is the New Black ended and I started watching Law and Order: SVU.  Okay, I’m at 15, one more mile is doable.  I was at sixteen and I realized, four more miles and I would be at TWENTY.  TWENTY miles.  What a large number.  I switched over the Scrubs, which is possibly my all-time favorite TV show, and banged them out.  My phone died around mile 17 from all the Netflix use, so I stared at the wall until a group of girls came up.  We chatted while we ran and the time passed quickly, which I was grateful for.  Around mile 18 I was getting really crampy, but I couldn’t stop so I pushed through.  At twenty, I think I was on the biggest runner’s high of my, as the say- “the higher you fly, the harder you fall”.  I fell hard.  After showering and eating a little and drinking a lot, I felt completely So cramped up and nauseous.  It probably didn’t help that I ordered a chicken cheesesteak for Fact:  I stopped running in the middle of mile 15 to place the order!  I only ate about half of it before I needed to lie down and sleep for a half hour or so.  Once I woke up, it was like night and day and I felt so much better.  A quick trip to Target ensued!photo(4)editYes, that is a bird in the Target.

Wow, to say that I am proud of myself for running 20 miles on a treadmill is an understatement. I am ecstatic.  And to think that 12 hours ago, I was bummed that I had slept in and skipped my run.  An extra hour of sleep can be for the best!

I will not be exercising tomorrow.  This girl needs a break.

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