Mission Decoration

Phew, exhausted…tired….cracked-out…running like a chicken with my head cut off.  These are all valid terms for describing how I feel right about now!  It’s because I have been so darn busy…and tired…and Orange is the New Black is completely addicting.  You know, all appropriate reasons to not make a peep for a few days.

I’ve been back at school for almost a week now, and in between RA training sessions, eating, and getting to know my new staff, I have been doing a lot of decorating!  Decorating my room, decorating the halls, making fun bulletin boards.

Let me preface this by saying that when it comes to decorating, I love the idea, but usually get overwhelmed with the possibilities and I have this “living in a place for eight months isn’t worth putting effort into decorating”.  That goes for my room, so you’ll see that when I say decorating, I really mean “organizing my stuff in a neat way”.

The halls, on the other hand, have been a lot of fun to decorate!  My floor partner and I are doing a space theme, so we have all things aliens, stars, planets, and the unknown.  It’s been fun to think of catchy space phrases and make creative decorations.

Take a look at what I’ve been up to!DSC_0439editDSC_0441editDSC_0442editDSC_0444editDSC_0443editDSC_0446editDSC_0451edit DSC_0454editIt’s so strange seeing all of these new freshman coming into the best years of their lives.  I know it’s cliche, but it literally feels like just yesterday that I was SO excited to come to school, meet new people, try new things and get involved.  All summer before freshman year, it was all I talked about.  Once I actually got here, I felt very overwhelmed by the feeling that I needed to make friends that first weekend of school, because, you know, everyone finds their friends the first weekend.  If you don’t…well, you’re doomed (so they say).  Luckily, I found Shannon, one of my best friends here at West Chester!collegeThis picture was taken on my birthday weekend, our first weekend here at WCU!  With Shannon, we made a few other friends that have also remained close friends of mine.college3college2college5I can’t believe this is my senior year already.  The above photos were taken when we were just babies…and now look where we are!  Incredible.

On that note- I am off to get to know some of my residents!  It’s going to be a fun year, I can tell 🙂


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