Muuuuuuch Better.

Hey there!

Sorry for that last horribly boring post.  At least that test is over with and it’s [sort of] smooth sailing for the rest of the week (but not really).

Anyway, forget about all the boring stuff because I’m here to tell you all about what was definitely one of the best weekends of this semester!  It started on Friday with a really relaxed afternoon and night at home.  I tried to do some homework, but true to form- hardly anything got done.  There is just something about my couch…food…and ignoring my to-do list that is so enticing at home.  On the bright side, my mom made one of my favorite pepper cream sauce over pasta.

I passed out super early Friday night, but had to be up early for a conference at Temple Medical School.  I don’t have too much to say about it, but I really, really enjoyed it…

Once it was over, I went to Russ’ and picked him up to head back to West Chester for a night out with my friends.  We decided to go out for dinner, so instead of going back to my room first, we parked and walked up and down the main street looking for a good place to eat.  I’ve been dying to sit outside and drink a beer and eat some good for out in the crisp air before it gets too cold.  That meant whatever place we chose had to have outdoor seating and beer.  We knew we were in the mood for burgers (okay, I was in the mood for burgers and Russ is always in the mood for burgers), so we chose Side Bar.  I’ve been there for the bar, but never for the food.  I’m so glad we ate there because our food was awesome.  We didn’t end up getting the beer, but the food more than made up for that!  Russ chose the inferno burger, which was stuffed with cheese and jalapenos.  Can we just take a second to look at that?photo-39photo-111I ordered the portabello mushroom cap burger per Russ’ It was good as far as veggie burgers go, but Russ’ meal definitely stole the show.  We decided to split the food half and half, so I was able to enjoy a pretty generous portion of his ;).  We both practically licked our plates clean- it was that good (and we were hungry).  I can’t wait to go back and try some of their other menu items.  After dinner, we quickly stopped in a little gelato shop and shared a cup of peanut butter and cinnamon swirl gelato.  It was gone in .5 seconds, so I think it’s safe to say we both liked it.

Full and happy, we rushed back to my room to quickly change for a night out!  It was still super early when we went to Christine’s, but the night absolutely FLEW by.  I had so, so, so much fun with Christine, Bobby, Justin (and Russ, of course).  It was just like last year! photo-30 Oh!  and we had a little special guest with us!photo-33photo-28photo-34photo-29Ah, so adorable.

The rest of the night flew by, as well.  Russ and I ended our night at the campus diner, sharing sweet potato fries and a chicken and cheese quesadilla (always a good idea at the time, but usually regrettable the next day…).  Before I knew it, I was waking up Sunday morning and heading off to the gym for a quick and sweaty workout.  After my workout, I met Russ for breakfast in our dining, that wasn’t for breakfast, but I did see that in the sink in the bathroom AT breakfast.  I screamed so loud…

Sunday was spent doing the typical Sunday things, homework, studying, iced coffee drinking, talking, lounging and WATCHING THE SEASON FINALE OF BREAKING BAD.  I’m so sad it’s over, but I LOVED the show and thought the ending was great.  Everything was tied up so perfectly, but I would be lying if I said I don’t want to keep watching and know what happens to everyone.  Ah, I guess I’ll just need to make it up…

I drove Russ to the train station around dinner time on Sunday and drove back to school thinking about how thankful I am for all of the great people in my life and the ability to do such fun things with them.  Really, really a great

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