This weekend was so. much. fun.  because it was (as the title states) HOMECOMING. photo(28)1 To be honest, I’m not quite sure what the point of homecoming is besides to see a parade, go to a football game and binge drink starting at 9 am on a Saturday, but hey, when in Rome, do as the Romans, right?photo(27)1I really don’t have many any pictures besides a few selfies that Christine and I took… my bad.  I did attempt, though!  I even lugged my big camera to Christine’s house, but only took a few pictures.  We started the day off there, then made our way over to her friend’s house where the rest of the day seemed to just slip by.

Before I realized it, it was dinner time, so Justin, Mike and I went to Barnaby’s for some food.  Mike was hungry and this happened:photo(25)1The last fry:photo(24)1He actually finished it, so he’ll have his picture on the wall.photo(23)1 Watching him devour all that food made my own stomach hurt, so I can’t imagine his pain as he rolled around on the floor in agony afterwards.  Mike- how happy are you that you’re finally on here?! 😉

After dinner, we headed back to Christine’s to hang out, regroup, some of us slept and then, you know, continue the festivities.photo(26)1I opted out of the latter of those activities because I just don’t have the ability to rally all day long.  I DON’T know how everyone does it, but I wish I could do it!  I walked back and promptly passed out.

It was a successful Homecoming!

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