Conga Line! Po! Planting a Tree! What?

That is the most random title, ever, but it makes sense I promise.  Keep reading 🙂

This weekend was a lot of fun, so naturally, it flew by and once again, today is Monday and I am taking a small mental break from learning about lipids.  Chylomicrons, triacylglycerol, apolipoporteins…Yeah, my head is spinning too.

As soon as I handed in my chemistry exam on Friday morning, I went back to my room, tied up some loose odds and ends from the week, packed up my bag and headed out of here!  See ya, West Chester.DSC_0021editI drove straight to my dad’s office and met him for lunch at Qdoba.  The food was okay, but the company was great.  I always enjoy hanging out with my dad. 🙂DSC_0045editAfter I sufficiently distracted him from work for 2+ hours, I went home and set up shop in our kitchen to get some work done and hang out with Leland.  Again, the work was okay, but the company was excellent.  We didn’t talk too long, but I really enjoyed catching up and I’m so excited for him because he will be going off to college full-time next semesterGo Leland 🙂

I didn’t exactly get much work done, and like I’ve said before- focusing at home is im.poss.ible.  So I went for a walk with my mom instead and then came home and hovered in the kitchen until dinner was ready.  She constantly has to tell me to stop picking at the food.  Just wait ’til net year 😉 Eventually, dinner was ready and I didn’t need to pick because I had a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs all to myself.  There is nothing like a home-cooked meal!DSC_0071editAfter dinner, I said my goodbyes and headed down to Russ’ apartment.  We had every intention to drop off our stuff and head downtown for a night out with my friend Angela, but it didn’t end up happening.  I was sad, but there is always next time!

Saturday morning started with a workout by my own personal personal trainer.  I started with a fifteen minute jog and then headed back to Russ’ place for an hour-long training session with him.  He put me through a body-weight leg workout that kicked my butt.  Russ showed me a whole bunch of exercises that I’ve never done before and I was a sweaty mess by the time we finished.  I really commend his clients that do these types of workouts with little physical activity experience.  It was tough, but worth it.  While I showered and got dressed, Russ made us breakfast (he’s a keeper! Even though it was already after 12 at this point…).  He made us omelets with Havarti & Dill cheese, Trader Joe’s yogurt cups, apple slices and toast with strawberry jelly.  DSC_0077editSo good.  Oh, and I am unbelievably happy to report that Russ has joined Coffee Addicts Anonymous and is now a full-blown coffee addict!  Yes!  I’m no longer alone to suffer through my addiction.  Now we can enjoy the dark side together, preferably with almond milk for me, and cream and sugar for him.  🙂

We drove back to West Chester and picked up 5, yes 5, boxes of brownie mix.DSC_0124edit(Photo taken by Russ) When we got back, we intended to quickly make brownies and then head to Justin’s house with Christine and Bobby, but you know…nothing is that easy.  We bought eggs to make the brownies, but realized there was NO OIL (but the kitchen already had like 15 eggs).  Fail.  So Christine bought some, but by the time everything was ready to go in the oven, we realized that we needed to be at Justin’s in a half hour and, um, the brownies take 35 minutes to cook.  We literally took the raw brownie batter out of the over after five minutes and Russ held it while we drove to Justin’s.  I’m shocked that it didn’t end up sprayed all over the back of my car.

The rest of the night was so much fun and SO FUNNY.  Justin made baked ziti and roasted (microwaved?) potatoes and everything was awesome.  I ate so much, but it was just that good.  After the rest of the night is where this post’s title comes from.  We ended up playing a bunch of games that are along the lines of charades, but after a couple drinks and with five hilarious people, we were on the floor laughing as we tried to act out things like planting a tree, the Teletubbies and The Stanky Leg.  I was in pain from laughing..

Before going to bed, Christine and I decided that we would make a big breakfast for all the boys in the morning, so we headed to the Food Lion at 8:30 in the morning (who does that?) to get everything we would need for pancakes and omelets.  It was really fun to put food together for everyone and Christine and I were cracking up at the fact that we PLAYED GAMES last night!  We must be getting old, but it was honestly the funniest night spent at home.  Christine and I were on pancake duty while Russy made omelets.DSC_0133edit I think everyone liked breakfast, and we had plenty of leftovers, which we decided to leave with Justin and Beau (the puppy). 🙂DSC_0145edit

DSC_0142editIt’s safe to say everyone was excited when breakfast was ready…I mean…Just look at Bobby..DSC_0152editDSC_0139editDSC_0154editDSC_0155editWe made a special brownie-infused pancake (Fancy, right?) for Russy and Bobby to share.DSC_0162I had seconds and thirds of eggs and pancakes 😉DSC_0161editRuss and I did some homework for five hours or so yesterday, had dinner a la dining hall, then he went home.  Sad face.

‘Til next weekend!

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