Fitness Friday: The 26.2 Mile Plan

FRIDAY.  *Cue angelic music*.  I made it!  There were parts of the week that I wasn’t so sure this day would ever get here…

It’s been a busy week with classes, I’ve been feeling a little sick, and I have just been…tired, but I did some workouts and skipped a couple, as well.

Saturday:  I don’t remember exactly what I did, but it was along the lines of ten minutes on the elliptical, twenty minutes on the treadmill, triceps exercises and abs.

Sunday:  Three mile run with Leland!  The time flies by when you have someone to talk to!

Monday:  Twenty minute jog on the treadmill.  I regretted this run as soon as it was over.  I just felt generally like poop and running didn’t help.

Tuesday:  This time I paid attention to my body and slept for an hour and a half after class.  It didn’t do much to help, but it felt good!  I don’t know what my exact illness was because I had a sore throat, some general stuffiness, and just feeling like overall crap.

Wednesday:  Woke up feeling muuuuuuch better.  I went to the gym, ran a mile on the track, three minutes of ab exercises, sprinted (aka ran fast) a half mile, 3 minutes of abs, and repeated this sequence for a total of 3 miles of running and 15 minutes of abs.  It’s a good workout because it breaks up the monotony of running, which I wasn’t in the mood for.  You know what was also great about this workout?  My NEW FAVORITE Pandora stationBackstreet Boys Radio.  It’s awesome and plays all the Brittany Spears/ N’Sync/Backstreet Boys classics.  Afterwards, I did a quick chest circuit and I was on my merry way.  Side note- I am no horticultural expert, but I don’t think this is good for the plants.  I just had to take a picture:photo(70)

I’m thinking that they should consider turning off the sprayers.

Thursday: 2.5 mile run outside, 1 mile run on the treadmill and 5 minutes on the stairmaster.  Then I did an assortment of strength training exercises to mix it up a bit- back, legs, triceps, chest, more back.  Sheesh, my back, abs and thighs are so so sore.  I don’t usually work out my back, so it’s a bit painful.  I finished up with abs.

Friday:  Well, I had a great breakfast, which gave me energy for a good workout 🙂 Just kidding…sort of.  I woke up absolutely craving a bagel with cream cheese, but I also wanted oatmeal with PB & J AND eggs, so why not have it all?  I had to add the grapefruit to, you know, make it a healthy meal!photo(71) I did 15 minutes of incline walking, 40 minutes of watching Law and Order SVU.  That wasn’t the original plan, but the shower ROPED my in!  I finished up with some light stretching and used the foam rollers on the thighs.

So About That Marathon!

Believe it or not, the marathon that Russ and I registered for during the summer is rapidly approaching!  It’s this Sunday!  Have we trained?  Nope, not at all.  Are we injury-free?  No.  Can we run 26.2 miles without training?  I am not saying this to sound cocky, but I am fairly certain that I can run 26.2 miles, training or not.  It may not be pretty, and there may be a lot of cursing/ crying/ and dying, but it would get done.  The last “LONG RUN” I went on was 20 miles (before I hurt my knee) and I basically did it cold.  Anyway, back to talking about Sunday.  As of right now, we are trying to sell our entries.  If that doesn’t pan out, we are going to try it!  I am fairly certain we won’t make it past the half marathon (due to knee injury), but I would be okay with completing the half marathon, especially if I can do it without walking!  I don’t think Russ wants to run at all, but he’s a good sport and will go with either option.

Here’s to an interesting race!  Wish me luck.



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