Friendsgiving 1.0 and 2.0 2013

Hi, friends!

Guess what?  In less than 72 hours you will be in a food coma!  Over this past weekend, I was lucky enough to enjoy not one, but TWO food comas with new and old friends at two different Friendsgivings!  This was my first year having Friendsgiving, and I had so much fun at both of them!  In between stuffing my stomach beyond it’s capacity, I also spent some time baking, and I went to the Penn vs. Cornell Football game with my dad!  It was a great weekend and it made me all the more excited for these next few days at home!photo(73)


Friday actually started off on a low note.  I went outside to go to class and found that someone or something had bent the frame of my back wheel on my bike, which means it won’t turn, which means I can’t ride it.  I was annoyed and upset, but it’ll get fixed and that afternoon, the day took a turn for the better!  After classes on Friday, I headed to Russy’s apartment to hang out, go food shopping and make some mac and cheese.DSC_0034 This is the first weekend in a very long time that I didn’t have much (or anything) to do on the homework or studying front.  It felt great to just relax 100%.DSC_0006I told Russ to smile and he made this goofy face…

Once the mac and cheese was done, we got dressed and headed over to our friend Ancy’s friend’s house.  Did that make sense?  We didn’t know any of the other people that would be at this Friendsgiving besides Ancy and her boyfriend, Chris, but Russ and I were excited to make new friends!DSC_0039DSC_0025DSC_0021There was a ton of yummy food and desserts.DSC_0015 My favorite things were the broccoli casserole and chocolate-chip banana bread.  I kept going back to “straighten it out”.  So good and everything definitely left me in a food coma.  We hung out for awhile, talking and laughing and then Russ and I headed home when part of the group decided to go to the bar for a drink.  On the way home, Russ ran into a neighbor that was…friendly to say the least!DSC_0042

I spent the rest of the night baking for Friendsgiving 2.0!  I made a pumpkin pie and White-Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookie Balls and in the morning, Christine and I made homemade cranberry sauce, green bean almondine and corn.  It was fun to get together and cook! bake!


On Saturday afternoon, after a quick run, I headed downtown to meet up with my dad for the Penn vs. Cornell football game!photo(74) I’m not a big football fan, but when he asked if I wanted to go, I figured why not!  He explained the game to me and I’m proud to say I actually [kind of] understand it!photo(75)  It was really cold, so we spent a good portion of the game next to the grill where they were making hot dogs.  Anything for a little warmth!

On Saturday night, Christine and I headed to New Jersey to go to Bobby’s for Friendsgiving #2 with Bobby, Justin, and their friend Dave.  The turkey took a little longer than expected (and by a little, I mean a lot), so we spent the afternoon watching movies, talking, and playing with their insane dogs.DSC_0045DSC_0049DSC_0058DSC_0077DSC_0080DSC_0093DSC_0096 DSC_0116DSC_0098Like any other family, we’re a bit dysfunctional and had multiple turkey mishaps including someone getting burned, the fire alarm going off multiple times, the house filling with smoke, and the turkey taking like 7 hours to cook.  [Besides the burn], it was all a little funny.DSC_0143DSC_0142DSC_0127 It was so, so, so great to have a big Friendsgiving dinner with the people that have become my best friends over the last year.DSC_0161DSC_0159DSC_0156 And if I thought I was stuffed on Friday night, that was NOTHING compared to Saturday night.  I was stuffed to the point of having some trouble breathing.  It was bad, but by the time the food was ready, we had snacked so much then we all ate big plates on top of that.DSC_0138DSC_0146 And then there was dessert!  Everything was so, so so SO good.  I really enjoyed the mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn and cranberry sauce.  Oh, and the Oreo balls will be making another appearance soon.  They were a lot harder to make than they should have been, and they definitely didn’t look as pretty as I was hoping!  Oh, and word to the wise- never put white chocolate in the microwave for more than two minutes.  This is NOT white and dark chocolate- that is scorched, smoking white chocolate. DSC_0150They were addicting.DSC_0152DSC_0153This weekend made me even more thankful for all of the wonderful friends I have.  They truly are amazing people and I feel so lucky to have them in my life!  Tomorrow, I will be going home to see all of my home homies and to spend time with my real dysfunctional family 😉

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