Cuba Libre & Other Weekend Things

Hey there!

How was your weekend?  Did it snow where you are?  It sure did here!

I have two finals and three final projects, so why not write a blog post to put that off for as long as possible…?  Yep, that’s exactly what I’m doing 🙂

This weekend was a lot of fun because there were parts that were really low-key and relaxing and parts that were really fun!

Friday was one of the low-key nights.  I had to work, so Russ, Christine, John and I got dinner at the diner on campus.  I had a pretty rough chemistry test earlier that day, so Russ lovingly offered to support me as I ate my feelings 😉  Cheesy quesadillas and chicken tenders are great therapy.

Saturday morning got started on a late start since I needed to be up until 2:30 am the night before.  We started the day with brunch with Justin!  I had the usual (+ an unphotographed 1/2 bagel with cream cheese).  I was hangry, huh?photo-28Russ and I did homework and worked on finals for the rest of Saturday.  I called it quits around 4:30 so I could go help bake gingerbread cookies for a charity event we were having on Sunday.  They didn’t need any help, so I decided to do a quick workout (that ended up turning into a much longer workout!).

I planned to do a quick 20 minutes- just enough to get my heart pumping- but ended up running 8 miles.  Once I hit 3, I decided to stay until 5, then 6, then 8.  I almost ran 10, but I was started to get the loopy, runner’s high feeling and I was afraid of falling off the treadmill 😉

I quickly showered and met Russ for dinner.  I barely touched my food because running makes food less than appetizing.  After dinner, we packed up and headed to the city for a night out!

Justin, Bobby, Russ and I went to Cuba Libre Rum Bar on 2nd and Market in Philadelphia.  I’ve always wanted to go there and it did not disappoint.  Russ and I tried (TRIED) to salsa dance, but we could use some work!  I liked that they played a mix of traditional salsa music and also Spanish music.  The bar was completely packed both upstairs and down, but there was still enough room to dance.  Of course I didn’t snap any pictures, but my phone stayed in my pocket the whole night because I was having fun!  Cuba Libre has four locations (Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Orlando, and Washington D.C) and I think it would be awesome for them to take some of that money they make and send supplies and medications to Cuba.  The bar draws a crowd off of the idea of Cuba- Rum, mojitos, salsa dancing, expensive dinners, old cars, beautiful women, palm trees, etc., but that’s not what Cuba is actually like.  Of course Cuba has those things, but Cuba could also use some help.  Who knows, maybe they do something like that, but they don’t advertise it.

Anyways, we had a looooot of fun.  We took a cab to WaWa (so unnecessary because it was 5 blocks away lol) and then headed back to Russ’.

I had grand plans to get a lot of work done today, but you know how that goes.  Residence Life put together a Holiday Party as a community service event, so I helped out there in the afternoon while the snow was really coming down!DSC_0009 DSC_0018The kids were so so so adorable decorating cookies, making pictures and listening to holiday music.  I hope the kids and moms really enjoyed themselves!

After the party, I made cookies for all of the employees around campus that are always so sweet to us students and put up with photo-29

I made cookies for the sweet older woman that swipes us into the dining hall, for the lady that keeps our building looking awesome and always says hello, and for the incredibly friendly woman at one of the coffee shops.  I also made cookies for a handful of other people like my supervisors, my chemistry tutor, and some of my friends!  I hope they brighten up their holiday a little bit 🙂

To continue with the theme of procrastination, I took a two hour nap while the snow poured from the sky.  I was so snuggled up in my bed and it was so great…  When I woke up, I met up with a couple people for dinner and I think my eyes were WAY bigger than my stomach.  I didn’t eat much of the salad because they had MATZO BALL SOUP!photo-27 I had two bowls and was stuffed to the brim.

Ok and on that note…we were just notified that classes are cancelled.  The inner kid in me says YAY!  But the realistic part of me realizes that I had TWO FINALS REVIEWS tomorrow.  Oh noooooo.

Well, I’m off to “study“.  Have a great day, ya’ll.

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