Fitness Friday: FREEDOM!

Hey, hey, hey!

Phew, I really thought I would have a ton of free time to do some extra blogging this week, but that never works out, huh?  This week has been a bit crazy, despite not having class.  I feel like I was sleeping, studying, running, and eating during every minute of the week.  Now that my last final is over, I am looking at sweet, sweet freedom in the next 30 hours.  It’s so close, I can almost feel it.  I plan to write up a post with my “5 weeks of Christmas” plan.  Maybe that will be tomorrow while I twiddle my thumbs until I can get the heck out of dodge!

Anyways, I’m about to be a real debbie downer here and say that…I don’t like the snow.  It’s pretty…while I’m baking cookies in my Other than that- it kind of gets in the way.  Case in point: finals on Tuesday got postponed until Saturday, but it’s supposed to snow Saturday, so they will be postponed until Monday.  MONDAY!  If I have to stay until Tuesday, I will be one very unhappy  Besides postponing my winter vacation, the snowy, cold weather made me a bit lazy in the exercise department.  I still managed to workout every day, but the workouts were short and boring.

Saturday:  8 miles on the treadmill!

Sunday:  Rest.

Monday: 4.5 mile run on the treadmill + Abs

Tuesday:  4 mile run on the treadmill and shoulder/ chest machines.

Wednesday: 3.5 mile run on the treadmill.

Thursday: 10 minutes on incline walking, 20 minutes jogging on the treadmill, 10 minutes of the stairmaster, + abs + 6 sets of 10 push-ups.

Friday:  Rest.

See?  A lot of cardio, not a lot of weights.  I wasn’t feeling it.  Actually, I wasn’t feeling walking to the gym, so I stayed in the dorm to workout.  I’m hoping to squeeze in a decent strength workout this weekend.  My muscles are itching for it!

Have a great night!  And Happy Winter Break if it applies!photo(76)

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