5 Weeks of Jolly Freedom

I am officially FREE. photo(25)Talk about paper waste!

No homework, no studying, no papers, no to-do lists.  Okay, I’ll probably still make to-do lists because I love them 😉

But I’m pretty much free to do what I please until late January.  During these next few weeks, I have a few things I would love to get done/ see/ do!

  • Paint my room!  Since I’ll be moving home after I graduate, I want to make my room more “me” and less storage/ no one has lived here in 4 years- like.  You’ll have to wait and see what it’ll look like. 😉
  • Go to Korean BBQ with a few people.  Korean BBQ is so fun and it’s a great place to eat when it’s cold outside!
  • Snuggle with Misu I miss Toby every day, especially when I’m at home.  Misu is no Toby, but it’s important to appreciate and give him attention too…Even if he has no understanding of personal space.  He was sitting on my chest when this was taken.photo(19)
  • Go to NYC and see the normal sights, try new food, and see a comedy show.  We’ve made this one into a tradition, so I’m excited to go back!
  • Make this for dinner.  Mmm so colorful, so comforting.
  • Go sledding.  This is going to be a tough one because I’m really not a fan of snow, but sledding really is fun once you get out there!  I haven’t been sledding in years, so I think it’s time I go again.
  • Make soft pretzels with dad We wanted to do this over the summer, but it didn’t happen so hopefully we do it over this break!DSC_0213
  • Check out more of the bars in the city!  Philly has really fun bars and I have yet to not have fun, so I’m excited to try new bars!
  • Bake cookies with my friends.
  • Make eggnog french toast.  My mom buys the most rich and fresh eggnog from a farm near her work.
  • Do something I don’t usually do!  Russ, Tevin, Justin, Bobby and I went to the Villanova vs. LaSalle basketball game yesterday.  Thanks to Justin, we were able to get tickets to the game and I really had fun!  [Thank you, Justin!]photo(24)photo(22)After the game, we all went for wings and beer at a local bar.  Free wings with ticket stubs!photo(21)photo(20)An attractive picture all around 😉
  •  Last, but not least: Submit my applications for next year!

I’m not a huge fan of “having nothing to do”, but it’s nice to have no agenda.  I do feel a little bit guilty to have a lot of free time, but I’ll keep myself busy and I won’t be wasting away these next few weeks.  IMG_2805

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