Ooey & Gooey.

Anything that is ooey and gooey is automatically delicious, right?  RIGHT!DSC_0031Last night, while Russ, dad and I played Monopoly [I came in second], there were Dulce De Leche Coconut Chip Bars baking in the oven.  Yes, you read that right.  I followed the exact recipe, but omitted the white chocolate chips because the recipe only called for half a cup and I didn’t want to buy a whole bag.  Anyways, they were rich, SWEET, melty, creamy, and of course-ooey and gooey, just as promised.DSC_0027DSC_0020 Check out the recipe (and beautiful photos) on Averie’s blog- you’ll be glad you did!  They’re perfect for bringing to a holiday party and they are unbelievably easy to make.  The hardest part about them is allowing the sweetened condensed milk to become dulce de leche, which takes 3-4 hours.  Just play monopoly!  The time will fly by.


I went to bed on a sugar high, so I’m looking forward to some basic, clean fare today.  Keeping up with the ooey and gooey theme, breakfast was eggs and apple-cinnamon cream of wheat, with blueberries.DSC_0010

Russ passed on the cream of wheat, since he isn’t a fan of the “peasant food” consistency.

Since I woke up late today, I’ll be heading to the gym around dinner time for some quick cardio and a chest workout.  Since I didn’t do any weights last week, my muscles have been sore after the gym every day this week.  Before the gym, I have a lot I want to do today- organize my room, drop clothes and things off to a donation bin, finish some essays, submit an application, and start taping my room to be painted!

Russ and I have plans with Ancy and Chris for Korean BBQ tonight, so I’ll be back with a recap tomorrow!  Make it a good Tuesday!

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