Seorabol Korean BBQ

If you’ve never tried Korean BBQ, take my word for it and try it!

1217132107aLast night, Ancy, Chris, Russ and I went out for Korean BBQ at Seorabol.  I had never been there, but had been to another place nearby.  Russ raved about Seorabol, so we decided to give it a go and I think we are all glad that we did!  1217132120c(1)photo(81)The fun thing about Korean BBQ is that they bring the raw meat to your table and then you get to cook it yourself Yes, you go to a restaurant to cook for yourself ;).  But each meat platter comes with 9 or 10 side dishes that are new and fun to try.1217132108aPictured from the bottom right going clockwise to the left: Some sort of tasty chili (?) sauce, raw jalapenos and garlic, broccoli, eggplant, fried fish (we loved this and ordered an extra dish), cabbage (?), fish cakes, kim chi, more jalapenos and garlic and sauces.  In the center were two mackerel fishes.  I’m not a fan of fish with little bones, but everyone seemed to enjoy it!

It took no time at all for the prime rib and chicken to come out and took even less time for us to dig in and start cooking.  The staff at Seorabol was very attentive and helpful and started the cooking for us and then we picked up where they left off.  Throughout dinner, they continued to check back on us and flip the meat here and the BBQ, we also ordered  Dobsot Bibim Bap, which is assorted vegetables & beef over rice in a hot stone.  That dish came with extra rice, so we had plenty of food to go

The traditional way to eat the Korean BBQ is to take some of the sides and the BBQ meat and wrap it all up in a big lettuce leaf, which was fun and really good!  It was a little hard to do with the beef because it was tough, but the chicken was no

We spent the night chatting, trying new things, and stuffing our faces 😉1217132120b(1)I think it’s safe to say that we all really loved trying the new dishes and BBQing at the table.  We finished dinner extremely stuffed and happy, but we saved room for the most delicious cinnamon tea any of us had ever tasted.  We raved about the tea and all wanted to know if we could get more or to find out how they make waiter told me that it was ginseng, cinnamon and sugar and you better bet that I will be making this while I am home!  It had a very strong cinnamon flavor, but it was cold and refreshing.  I think it would also be great hot.

I had a really great time last night and I’m looking forward to trying other new and interesting places.  Thank you to Ancy and Chris for being our adventurous friends! 😉


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