Ancy’s Birthday Festivities.

Good morning, people!

I’ve been out and about for two days straight.  It’s been crazy, but fun!DSC_0277All the fun started on Monday to celebrate Ancy’s birthday.  Her boyfriend, Chris, treated her to a trip to a winery and graciously invited Russ and me to join.  It was the first time at a winery for all of us, so we weren’t sure what to expect.  We started out by going on their “self-guided tour“, which was a lot of reading.DSC_0190

I think we all agreed that we would have preferred an actual tour, but there was more fun to be had at the actual wine tasting.DSC_0213DSC_0193

We were able to try 10-12 wines, but since I lack refined taste, I prefer my wine to taste like juice. 🙂  That being said, I had a sip or two of each glass and gave the rest to Russ to enjoy.DSC_0252

I really enjoyed learning about the different wines, hearing about the favorites, and trying various types.  I can’t say it made me any more of a wine person, but I had so much fun with Ancy, Chris and Russ.DSC_0198DSC_0253DSC_0246 We started off with a few glasses and then decided to check out the grounds before trying the dessert wines.  There wasn’t too much to see outside since it was so cold, but the winery had a nice deck and a Wine Tree!


We headed back in to finish trying the dessert wines.  My favorite was a warm, spiced wine.

After the winery, we headed back to the city where Russ and I got to see Chris’ AMAZING apartment with an even better view.DSC_0279 Are you jealous?  Because I sure am!  After grabbing an espresso (wine makes us tired), we all took the subway to dinner where there was another surprise waiting for Ancy!  Chris arranged for all of us to have dinner at an African restaurant called Kilimanjaro, but it wasn’t just us.  Chris ALSO arranged for a bunch of Ancy’s friends to surprise her at the

Again, this was a first time for all of us.  I didn’t know what to expect with African food, but it was really tasty!  Okay, some of it was…  Russ and I ordered two dishes and planned to share.  I ordered grilled fish with fried plantains and Russ ordered lamb, which I had never had.  Let me just say, I am not a fan.  He loved it, but lamb is totally not my thing (but I am glad I was able to try it and everyone that ordered it seemed to love it!).  I happily ate my fish and let him enjoy the lamb.  Everyone enjoyed their food and we had fun meeting more friends.

Oh…and Russ even tried a fish eyeball!photo(97)

He said it was good.

But THAT wasn’t the end of the night!  We signed up to be on the guest list for free entry to a club that normally has a steep cover.  Entry was free because of the Eagles win on Sunday night.  Four of the players showed up, which was pretty cool [not that I know who they are haha].  It was quite empty at first, but within an hour or so- it filled up!  We stayed until a few minutes after midnight, and I was fast asleep by 1:30 am.

Russ and I had so much fun celebrating Ancy’s birthday with her and Chris.  Ancy- I hope you had a wonderful birthday and 22 brings great things for you!DSC_0228Haha 🙂

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