Little Hiatus.

Good morning!DSC_0008Sorry about the unplanned hiatus that I took for a few days.  I have gotten into the [awful] habit of sleeping in.  And no, I don’t mean sleeping until 9, 10, even 11.  I have been sleeping until 12 or 1 for no good reason and it absolutely kills my day.  All I have time to do is go to the gym…and make Carmelitas [pictured above and devoured by now].  I’ve always been someone that can sleep in late, but I prefer to get up early.  After sleeping for 13 hours yesterday, I decided that I was done with that for now, and I would set my alarm again.  So that brings me to now- awake at 8:30, enjoying breakfast at a normal person time. 🙂


Breakfast as of late has been centered around YOGURT!  My dad bought FIVE containers of this delicious, farm-fresh yogurt that I can’t seem to get enough of.  The only downside:  It’s full fat, which makes it delicious, but also nutritionally comparable to ice cream, so I try to control my urge to eat the entire container. 🙂  Instead, I have a few spoonfuls with oatmeal and banana slices.  [and a grapefruit and water on the side]DSC_0044This particular bowl had lemon yogurt, which was tangy and tart, but perfectly sweet, as well.  With lots and lots of cinnamon!


I haven’t gotten to the gym yet, but I’ll be going shortly where I plan to do a half hour of cardio followed by triceps + abs.

After the gym, I’m heading to the dentist with Leland and then I have a few errands to run!

Just wanted to let you know that I am, in fact, aliveCatch ya later.DSC_0086

P.s.  Be sure to check back tomorrow or the next day!  My new room is finally finished and I’m excited to share!

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