Temple vs. Memphis & Cafe Lift

Good mo0o0o0o0o0orning!

Too much for a Monday morning?  I’ll be feeling your pain in a week! (Boo).

Anyway, I did TWO fun things this weekend (plus other fun things, but these were the big ones).

On Saturday, I went to the Temple vs. Memphis basketball game with Russ, his roommates, and some of our other friends. *Sorry for bad iPhone pics*photo(110)

The requisite selfie. (Side note- my computer is underlining “selfie” like it isn’t a word.  Check the dictionary, computer.)photo(109)  Apparently I’m on a basketball game roll because that’s my second game in four weeksand possibly in my life.photo(108)

I actually really enjoy watching because it’s fast paced and only has two halves as opposed to four quarters, which is a little torturous, but still entertaining.photo(107)

After the game and some bickering about dinner, Russ and I headed to The Fresh Grocer for FOOD SHOPPING.  Oh, so much fun.  Thanks to our bickering (in good spirit) and Russ’ inability to effectively shop (sorry, Russy), we didn’t get home until after ten, at which point he made us dinnerFrozen tortelini, boiled and served in less than fifteen minutes.  I had mine with a drizzle of olive oil and salt.  He had his with Sriracha.  We ate the whole bag.  I wanted dessert after that so Russ made me close my eyes while he made us dessert.photo(106)

He calls it “Dragon Breathes Fire“.  Yes, that is Sriracha.  Yes, we ate the pudding with the Sriracha.  Yes, he is so strange 🙂photo(105)

I eventually passed out excited for the morning because we were going to brunch at Cafe Lift.  We did a quick search for “brunch in Philly” and it came up with RAVE reviews of this place.photo(104)  Awesome comments and suggestions and only two miles from Russ’ place, so it worked.  The decor was modern, but grungy and hipster-ish, with fun art on the walls and free refills on coffee.photo(103)  There wasn’t an empty table in sight, but they don’t stuff ya in there like a bunch of sardines.  We actually scored a table by the window.  (Yay)

Oh my.  It DID NOT dissappoint.  We knew there would be a wait, so all things considered, a 30 minute wait wasn’t bad and it was oh so worth it.  The menu was creative and unique, but also had many traditional brunch favorites.  I went with Cannoli French Toast.photo(102) Challah bread dredged in a cinnamon vanilla custard, baked, then finished with bananas, chipped chocolate, pistachios and homemade ricotta cannoli filling.

I ate the entire plate (and felt surprisingly great after doing so).photo(100)

Russ went with the Huevos Rancheros.photo(101)Toasted corn tortilla with refried beans, Mexican chorizo, roasted peppers and jack cheese, topped with two fried eggs and pico de gallo (with a side of their awesome crispy home fries).

Note chorizo.  Note I don’t do pork, so he enjoyed most of this on his own.  I helped him with a couple of the potatoes.

I was annoyed that he didn’t ask if it had pork because he knows I won’t eat it, but LOOK at that plate.  You would be annoyed too.

We will definitely be going back and DEFINITELY be ordering more things to try (Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Nutty Monkey Crespelle, Mushroom Frittata, ANYONE?!).  I would also get BOTH of those dishes again, hold the pork.

Russ definitely spoiled me this weekend, and I feel very lucky to have such a great guy in my life (awww).  He’s a keeper.

Oh, and yes, I felt like I was dragging around a billion pounds when I went to the gym later that afternoon.  Not a good move, but hindsight is 20/20…and I still ended up doing a decent workout!

Have a great day!


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