Sick Day.

I’m lying in bed, sick with a cold and a killer headache.  I usually try to remain productive when I have a cold, but I’ve decided to give myself a break these last couple of days and get better.  It’s amazing how time flies when you’ve…

  • Slept 12 hours each night + 4 hour naps
  • Read “Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction”–> very good book- well written, heart wrenching and interesting.  I plan to read his son’s book, Tweak, next.
  • Read everyone’s blog + old posts
  • Watched two episodes of Law and Order, SVU
  • Watched “My Six Hundred Pound Life: Melissa’s Story”–> Really interesting, but the episode just abruptly ended without any real conclusion.  I want to know what happened!
  • Watched:  “The Man With No Face”–> SO GOOD.  It’s one of those TLC specials,  This one is about a man that has a tumor on his face that weighs over ten pounds and is full of blood vessels.  A doctor in Chicago agreed to remove the tumor and give him a face, and save his life.
  • Worked on an application.
  • Browsed the internet.

I’m itching to be productive.  Excited to feel better.  Can’t wait to taste food again.  Looking forward to the gym.

This is a pointless post.  Hope you are all feeling well 🙂

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