Wordy Weekend.


How is Monday treating ya so far?  I’m typing this up on my lunch break and eating the best lasagna (more on that soon).  Mondays are my longest day of the week, which I did intentionally.  I like to get the worst part over with and have smooth sailing from here on out.  At this point, my day is half way over 🙂

Anyways, I don’t have many pictures to share from this weekend.  Partly because I didn’t have my camera, and partly because I just didn’t take any pictures, but that’s not to say this weekend wasn’t a good one!  (For the pictures that I do have- excuse the awful iPhone quality!)

I’ll just hit the highlights for ya:

Russ rode a mechanical broomstick.  He lasted 21 seconds, which is probably not long enough to qualify as a witch or wizard.  Hmph.  He treated that broom stick like a wrestling opponent and had a strong ankle hold on it.  Is that what it’s called?photo(117)

–We went out for a little while with Christine and Callin.  Always fun to see them 🙂

30 minute run on Saturday morning, followed by a brunch of cheesy eggs + toast.

Russ and Jesse made me dinner!  Eggplant parm and pasta.  Deeeelicious and I was very proud.photo(116)

–I met a bunch of Russ’ coworkers.  They were fun and really nice!

Russ and I trekked to my house on Sunday to see my parents.  I came home to them cooking together.  My dad was making lasagna for dinner and my mom was making homemade granola to send to me and my brother (in addition to the chocolate chip cookies she also made).  Aw.  My parents are the best 🙂

I helped my dad assemble the lasagna.  Layers of noodles, homemade sauce with spinach, ricotta/ cottage cheese, parm, sauteed mushrooms and onions.  So good and this photo doesn’t do it justice.photo(114)

–Drove back to school late + woke up early to start the week off on a healthy note!  Monday is a busy day, but I still wanted to fit in a workout.  30 minutes of cardio + 60 push-ups + a healthy DELICIOUS breakfast.photo(115)

Oatmeal, oatbran, 1/2 banana, strawberry yogurt, granola + almond- coconut milk.  That granola stole the show!

Catch ya later!

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