Happy Snow Day!

I’m starting to get worried that we’re going to have extra class days during the summer if this weather continues. Eh, whatever.  It’s nice to have an extra day to cross a lot off of my to-do list since I neglected everything I needed to do this weekend.  Instead, I did a lot of other stuff!

Here it is:

On Friday, after a much needed four hour nap (!!), Russ came to West Chester and after a quick dinner, we headed to Christine’s.  Russ and I built the house carousel of our dreams, with help from Christine.IMG_3769

She made the reindeer look so cute 🙂

IMG_3768  Then we ate pieces and destroyed the rest of it. 🙂

Look how awesome the iPhone 5S photos are!  My phone takes terrible pictures compared to that!


I started the day with a five mile run.  I only planned to do three, but it was so warm that I wanted to keep Five miles took me through the trails on our South Campus and to visit a nearby farm that [usually] has cows roaming.  No cows on Saturday.

After quickly stretching, we went to the dining hall for Russ’ favorite part of the entire weekend- brunch!  We polished off an ENORMOUS amount of food.


That’s a huge plate of eggs with cheese, a loaded turkey sandwich, oatmeal with PB & J & chocolate, two large salads with a ton of toppings, cottage cheese with fruit, and an un-pictured brownie and cinnamon bun.

After:photo(118)  His face says it all.

After lunch, Russ and I went shopping for all of those Super Bowl recipes that I had planned!  It took us hours to get done, but considering how much I bought and made, it wasn’t bad at all!

We got home just in time for baked chicken & vegetables with roasted fingerling potatoes & salad.  Homemade cherry crisp and whipped cream for dessert.  That was enough to power us through four dessert recipes.  We had our sous chef to help us and correct any mistakes that [Russ] made.  🙂DSC_0004DSC_0019DSC_0011

Grabby fingers, always.DSC_0044

We were able to finish almost four recipes on Saturday night.  The Oreo Cookie Balls just needed to be dipped and rolled in white chocolate.


I had grand plans to wake up early and get some work done, but I think I’m addicted to sleep…so that didn’t happen.  When I did get up, my mom was kind enough to make me the frothiest cappuccino ever.DSC_0089

Am I right?!  I sipped that while reading the police reports before heading to the gym with Russ and dad. I completed a three mile run + chest workout + abs ANDDDDD I am the new female gym champion for number of sit ups in one minute.  The record was 45, I got 54! I may or may not have whip lash from hitting the mat so hard, but it was well worth it because  I win a t-shirt and my name will be put on the record board 🙂  My abs are super sore today!

Once we got home, it was time for a quick lunch before getting to work!DSC_0093Pumpkin-apple soup with pumpkin seeds, a side salad and a piece of toast.  Mmmm.

Then we got to work on the rest of the recipes before the big game!DSC_0104

We made the following (Each title is a link to the original recipe):

Feta Stuffed Buffalo Meatballs

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Bits

BBQ Chicken Nugget Loaded NachosDSC_0102Three layers of tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, corn, Cuban black beans, BBQ drenched chicken nuggets and more cheese.  Served with guacamole and sour cream.

Pizza with sauteed onions and peppersDSC_0111


Layers of buttery cookie base with TJ’s Caramel Sauce, chocolate chunks, and more cookie.  What’s not to love?!  This one is always a hit.

Triple Peanut Butter Cookie PieDSC_0059

I didn’t love this one, but I’ve never been a fan of peanut butter-based desserts.  Also, I would use MORE peanut butter cups next time!

Snickers Chex MixDSC_0083

So, so addicting.  (We subbed vanilla Chex for Chocolate Chex) with globs of melted chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, and chunks of Snickers.

Oreo Cheesecake Cookie Balls

Grapes/ pineapple/ banana slices

Trader Joe’s Pig in a Blanket

We also had mac and cheese to make, but everyone was so stuffed that it wouldn’t have been eaten.

I practiced [some] self control and only went into a mild food coma.  Yay!  My favorite dishes were the nachos and Carmelitas.  They’re also the easiest to make.  Whatdoyaknow!

By the look on everyone’s face when they so much as looked at the food, I am going to go ahead and conclude that it was a SUCCESSFUL Super Bowl in the food department 🙂  I’m so glad I was able to help make all of these recipes and be a part of the fun.

Having a snow day today is a real treat.  I would be in some reaaaal trouble if I actually had a full day.

Off to the gym and then to finish this never ending to-do list.

Stay warm!DSC_0043


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