The 11 Golden Gym Rules + Fitness Friday.

There are unspoken rules for everything we do in life- get in the back of the line, don’t sit next to someone on the bus if there are open seats, be courteous of your neighbors and keep your noise down, replace the toilet paper if you use it up, throw out the cereal box if you take that last serving. There are rules for everything. While I was sprinting on the track this morning, I almost plowed a girl down that just walked out onto the track while looking at her phone.  It got me thinking about those unspoken gym rules…  With that said, here are:

The Ten Golden Rules of The Gym (in no particular order)

1. Thou shall not use the mirror in front of other gym-goer previously using the mirror.

2. Thou shall not sit on a machine and talk/ text/ hangout when thou is not using said machine.  Even worse, thou shall not leave thy CELL PHONE on a bench while thou uses other piece of equipment (this happens at my gym at home).

3. Thou shall not make unnecessary grunting, moaning, huffing and puffing noises.  I’m talking to you, heavy-picker-uppers-and-putter-downers.

4. Thou shall not walk onto the track when thy fellow fitness fiend is sprinting down thy runway.  Thou shall look both ways before crossing (didn’t thou mother teach thy that?)

5. Thou shall not use machines/ benches/ mats and then walk away from said machine/ bench/ mat without thou cleaning thy machine.

6. Thou shall not steal other people’s stuff from thy locker.

7. Thou shall not pick a piece of cardio equipment RIGHT next to someone else when there are many other machines available.  Give a homie some space…

8. Thou shall not have extensively long & loud conversations on the phone while thou does thy cardio.

9. Thou shall not use the gym with no shirt on.  Thou abs are nice…at home.

10. Thou shall put thy weights back on racks after thou uses thy weights so fellow gym-goers can find said weights.

11. Thou shall ONLY walk on thy track on thy outer lanes.  Inner lanes are for thou that sprint and run and will plow thou down if thou walk in thy sprinting way.

I would love to hear any additions! 🙂

**Side note, I did my best to use the proper forms of thou and thy…!

Fitness Friday!

Saturday: 5 mile run through the trails + to see if the cows were

Sunday: 3 mile run + chest workout + abs + OFFICIALLY DEEMED CHAMPION OF SIT-UPS AT THE GYM!

Monday: 6 minute warm-up on the elliptical, 30 minute Nike Training Club Razor Sharp workout, 10 minutes jogging on the treadmill + abs and push-ups.

Tuesday: 30 minutes of easy cardio- 5 minutes walking, 10 minutes elliptical, 5 minute incline walk on treadmill, 5 minute jog on treadmill, 5 minutes easy riding on the bike. (This was my day “off”, but I had been sitting alllllll day, so I wanted to move a little.

Wednesday: 35 minutes of cardio (20 minutes/ 2 miles of sprinting/ jogging on the track), 10 minutes of intervals on the treadmill, 5 minutes of plyometrics + abs/ push-ups.

Thursday: 3 mile run outside (there was a lot of walking/ tiptoeing because of the ice), legs + abs + push-ups.  For legs I did: 80 lunges, 3 sets of squats and ballet squats, 3 sets of jump squats with pulsing squats in between, 3 sets of side squats with weight, 3 leg machines x 3 sets each.

Friday: 20 minutes of cardio + BodyPUMP after class!  I’m so exicted!  Last week was awesome and a lot harder than I remember.  Every muscle in my body was shaking afterwards- in a good way!  Looking forward to going back today!

That’s it!  I’m ready to take a day off this weekend!photo(122)  Have a great weekend 🙂

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