Laying Low.

Funny how Monday never fails to come way too quickly.  I wait all week long to wake up to see “Thursday” on my phone, and with the blink of an eye- there it is- Monday.

Well, despite it flying by, this weekend was the perfect blend of relaxing, productive, fun, lazy, and tasty!


After almost a full day of homework, I drove to Russ’ grandmom’s house for a yummy dinner and to watch the opening ceremonies.  We watched the parade and then drove back to Russ’, where we layed low and hung out.  But before heading back, a treat!photo(123) Russ and I shared fro-yo…it’s been a long time since we’ve done that!  I’m really not a fan of the artificial flavors and much prefer plain chocolate or coffee. Russ, on the other hand, is all about the salty caramel, cookies & creme, and red velvet cake.  Blech!


Saturday started on a strong note!  After a fifteen minute jog, Russ and I did the Adrenaline Hit Nike Training Club workout, which focused on legs and featured a lot of jumps, squats, and lunges.  We were absolutely dripping in sweat when it was over.  It was a lot of fun to do the workout together and motivate each other.  The exercises didn’t repeat too often, so it kept us guessing the entire time.  I was also motivated to work hard and get it done, because we had fun plans for the afternoon!DSC_0042

We had plans to meet up with Ancy and Chris for brunch at Cafe Lift!  We had all been there before, so I was definitely excited to go back.  While we waited for a table to be available, we hung out and caught up with each other.DSC_0006 I learned that Cafe Lift changes the artwork every so often, and what you see on the walls is available for purchase.  DSC_0009DSC_0033How cool is that?!  It gives local artists an opportunity to display their work and gives customers a reason to keep coming back to see what’s new. (Side note: Big shout out to my reader Susan! 🙂  Thanks for reading!)DSC_0025DSC_0019Ignore my wet hair, messy look 🙂

It’s always fun to try new things, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it?!?!  I went the sweet route and got the Cannoli French Toast again since I liked it so much last time.DSC_0035

Rest assured, I finished the entire plate 🙂DSC_0036

Russ had a breakfast burrito and we shared our dishes.DSC_0039

Ancy had a big, yummy-looking salad, and Chris had pizza.  DSC_0040Oh, and is brunch really brunch without mimosas?!  No.  So we had mimosas, too.  Well…they did.  I just had OJ.DSC_0010

I was in a biiiiig sugar coma after brunch, so while Russ went and played basketball with his roommate, I camped out on the couch, under a blanket, with a warm drink and got some work done.  The empty, warm house was exactly what I needed to be productive, although it did take a whole lot of willpower not to take a nap!

Saturday night was another relaxing one with the Olympics.  Again, we had plans to go out, but the couch, warmth, and pjs sounded better.


Another workout to start the day!  This time, I was on my own and finished 20 minutes of running, and Nike Training Club Transformer workout, which is more of a circuit-style workout with an insane number of push-ups, burpees, and mountain climbers.  My shoulders have been sore all day.  This workout was a doozy and definitely harder than yesterday.  I guess that tells you something about my arm strength vs. leg strength!

After my workout, I showered and had breakfast- a big, hot bowl of grits with PB & J and almond-coconut milk.  And coffee 🙂

Then it was back to work for 3 hours of studying!  Nothing exciting and I’m definitely looking forward to this test being over!  I finished up and Russ and I left for my parent’s house for dinner.  Eggplant parm was sounding goooood, and smelled even better!  Especially after almost getting stuck in the snow!  It was really [unexpectadely] coming down.

It’s too snowy to drive back to school, so I’m camping out at home for the night and then I need to drive back at six a.m for an eight a.m class.  Who’s not looking forward to that?!  ME!

[Edited to add: Monday started on a really yummy note…so I wanted to share!photo(124)Oatmeal, banana, strawberry, and peanut butter….Nothing ground breaking, but I’ve been full for hours.

This week’s going to be a long one, especially considering I had 1.5 classes last week!  Lots of class, lots of work, lots of work to do, and lots of planning.

Life is good. <3

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