What I Ate Wednesday [Tuesday/Monday For Real]

Surprise, surprise!  It’s been a looooonnnnggg time since I’ve done one of these posts.  But this week, I actually took pictures of [most] of what I ate so that I could share with you all.  This is going to be a combination of Monday & Tuesday, so work with me here.


photo(124)Same picture you saw on my last post, but this is honestly what I eat all day, errrr day.  Oatmeal, banana, peanut butter.  The strawberries were a little something extra.


Apple + cheese stick [today] or peanut butter mini clif bar [yesterday] or a banana and clif bar [Monday].  You’d be surprised at the sounds that my empty stomach can make during a three hour class…


In an effort to hoard my dining plan meals, I have been eating lunch in my room, which results in lunches made with odds and ends…DSC_0003DSC_0004My room is limited to oatmeal, bread, PB, some cheese, and carrots.

So this lunch is: a slice of bread- half with PB and banana, half with cheddar cheese and my new favorite pepper jelly, Hugh Jass carrots, and a yogurt.  It’s actually the same lunch I’m eating as I type this post except the yogurt is different.  It’s Pequea Valley Farm full fat and full DELICIOUS.  I’m trying to savor it.

Since I spent Sunday night at home, I went “shopping” in my parent’s fridge and made myself Monday’s lunch:photo(147)Hugh Jass salad with carrots and strawberries and cheese and a few crackers.  I didn’t have dressing so I mixed peanut butter with water and pepper jelly and put it on the salad.  Don’t judge.


It’s 100% impossible for me to go from lunch to dinner without eating, so I usually have a piece of fruit, a granola bar, or yogurt or something. Or crackers…always love me some crackers.

And a cappuccino for those really rough days like yesterday…photo(145)Check out that foamy goodness! [Yes, I am back to drinking dairy milk…but only in coffee occassionally].  And please don’t look at my nails.


Ahhh, dinner.  How I love thee.  Especially after a long day and I’m ravenous and there are actual options and I don’t have to eat microwaved food.  Mmmmm.

Yesterday’s dinner:photo(143)Spinach, rice, roasted veggies, some grain salad, tofu, beans, cucumbers, and mushrooms.  I ended up getting cream of broccoli soup and drowning all my veggies in it because I just couldn’t eat them plain.  On the side- pineapple and an orange + more pineapple and cottage cheese after dinner.

Monday’s dinner:photo(144)Chick peas, carrots, lemon-pepper spinach, barley, mushrooms, some bread…served with:photo(146)Tortilla, eggs, potatoes, salsa, cheese, cottage cheese.

I ended up not eating the tortilla…not my thing.


Like the old lady that I am, I have really been enjoying the vanilla pudding in little cups.  I’m preparing for my elderly days 🙂


I’m always hungry again around 9, so I usually have a bowl of cereal or a rice cake with PB & J.

I think that’s it!  When I’m at school, my eating stays pretty consistent because there are only so many edible options.

That was fun! I’m going to try to do this more often 🙂

Happy Hump Day!

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