WIAW 2/19/14

Two weeks in a row!  I’m on a roll 🙂

**All pictures (except one) were taken with my phone.  Can you tell which one?!

Breakfastphoto(157)True Life: I’m a senior in college and my comforter has dalmatians on it.  #NoShame.

Today I had my oatmeal in the peanut butter jar.  I wouldn’t dare throw out the jar without scraping every last bit, so the warm oatmeal helped clean it out.  It also had 1/2 a banana and strawberry jelly.

Guess what kind of looks I got when I ate my breakfast out of a peanut butter jar in class this morning?!  [Talk about run-on sentence…]


Chocolate-chip Clif Bar.  I was staaaarving and needed something before the gym.  Um, how does the school get away with charging $2.09 for one bar?!  Is it just me, or is that insane?

LunchDSC_0002*Yesterday’s lunch: Mixed green salad with cheddar cheese, whole-grain toast with PB and pepper jelly, 1/2 banana, orange.

Today’s lunch was actually really yummy, but I didn’t get a photo.  Spinach & iceberg lettuce, cucumber, mushroom, carrot, beets, barley, sunflower seeds, some sort of chickpea/ feta/ olive/ dressing something, tofu, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.  Devoured that.

Mid-afternoon Snack

photo(161)Coffe & Cafe!  To be clear, iced coffee with milk and Cafe Greek yogurt.  YES!  I am a complete hypocrite.  I said I don’t like Greek yogurt, but that was last week before I tried Oikos flavored yogurts!  They’re awesome.  I had lemon meringue last weekend and Cafe yesterday.  Both were winners.  Only downside- they have a ton of sugar in them, but they’re a good afternoon pick-me-up.  Or maybe that was the coffee?

Dinnerphoto(160)Salad with spinach & iceberg, broccoli, carrots, barley, egg and sunflower seeds.  I had two bites of that vegetable barley soup.  It was way too salty for my taste.

And for dinner tonight- WING NIGHT!!! With my two friends, Shannon and Claire.  I can’t wait 🙂


I ate dinner around five, so a nighttime snack was needed.  I had some crackers, a small apple, and PB/ almond butter.  I may or may not have eaten the apple and then ate the nut butters by the spoonful.  Okay, I did.

And I also had two Hershey Valentine’s Day hearts and a little bag of Muddy Buddies.  Mmmm Valentine’s Day candy is dangerous!

Later gators!

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