Fitness Friday: Ice Running

I’m not talking about some Olympic sport.

Ice Running (n): The act of running on icy pavement and in the street.  Possibly requiring snow mound scaling, balancing, and gliding

I did that three times this week 🙂

Saturday: Nike Training Club.  I don’t remember which workout it was, but it was sooo tough!  Forty five minutes of squats, side lunges, burpees, rows, and more.  I was incredibly sore the next day,

Sunday: Two mile run outside on the ICE and a 30 minute Nike Training Club.  I really wasn’t in the mood to do this workout, but the time passed quickly and it was over in no time.

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: 10 minutes on the elliptical, ten minutes jogging on the treadmill, five minutes incline walking, five more minutes of jogging.  Done and done before class- felt good to get moving!

Wednesday: ten minutes on the elliptical, twenty minute ICE run outside.  Then a triceps workout and abs and push-ups.

There were a couple times on this run where I was completely surrounded by ice.  Enter snow mound scaling and tip-toeing on the ice.

Thursday: SEVEN Mile Run!!!! First long run outside in a very long time.  45 degrees is basically summer, so I needed to get outside.  Annnnd Russ and I got into the Broad Street Run for May, so I need to get back into distance shape.  This was a tough run to start, mostly because I was hungry and my legs were heavy, but it got much better around mile three. The best part about the run?  I saw some friends!photo(163)They’re adorable.

After the run, I refueled with a thick & hearty PB and banana sandwich.  This photo doesn’t show just how much PB was on

Friday: Twenty minutes of cardio and then BodyPUMP.  Love that class.

With that, I’m off to shower, get some homework done, NAP, and get this weekend started!  Make it a good one!

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