Quick Weekend

Hey!  This weekend absolutely flew by.  It was quite warm this weekend, which is giving me major spring fever!  I can’t wait to feel the warm sunshine on my face every day.  It’s wonderful. Until that happens, this weekend was a good little teaser.


Friday was a relaxing night.  Russ made us dinner and then we watched way too much television.  Story of my life?  Dinner was delicious, though- white cheddar mac & cheese with roasted asparagus (brushed in avocado oil) and “super food salad”- cabbage, kale, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and poppyseed dressing.photo(198) photo(199) Then chocolate cake and too many Sour Patch kids.photo(200)


Saturday started with a workout!  Since my knee is still messed up, I did a NTC workout, but modified many of the cardio exercises that hurt my knee and sprint up and down the stairs (going up does not hurt).

After a sweaty workout, I showered, had some lunch…photo(204)

Do you know why that iPhone picture looks so nice?!  SUNSHINE!  It was nice and warm this weekend.  After a quick bite, Russ and I went out to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We walked around campus, stopped for some fro-yo and did more walking. photo(192)

I had grand plans to do homework, but that didn’t happen.  Instead, we hung out for a while before going out to see some friends.photo(191)

It was a really fun night!  Russ and I went out for Shannon’s birthday!photo(201)photo(203)  Shannon was the very first friend I made in college!  It was fate that we both just happened to be in 7-11 on that very first night 🙂 Shannon and Claire were two of my roommates sophomore year!photo(202)

I miss them!  I’m glad we got to hang out 🙂


Quick workout + a yummy breakfast:photo(190)

Then: Play hard, work hard.  Sunday was spent in the library- organizing my notes for an exam on Monday morning.  Nothing like the last minute to study for a test, no?!

Here’s to hoping it’s a productive week, but an easy slide into Spring Break- starting Friday!

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