Fitness Friday: BodyPUMP-Inspired Total Body Workout

Good afternoon, friends!  I hope you have really fun plans for the weekend!  I don’t really have any solid plans, but I’ll be sure to make it a good one.

Although spring break starts today, I am working each night until Monday.  I’m still going to try to have some fun during the day time so that it’s still spring break-ish.  I mean, West Chester is no Cancun or Punta Cana, but a girl can dream of crystal blue water 😉

So, back to the workouts.  I am still trying to rehabilitate my knee, so the bike has been my best friend this week:

Saturday: Nike Training Club, modified cardio- added stair runs, + abs

Sunday:  30 minute easy bike ride, chest press, incline press, shoulder press, lat pull downs, rows, and abs

Monday:  10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the bike.

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: 30 minutes of HIIT on the bike- 50 seconds going as fast as I can at level 12, 10 second slow pedal.  I took a 5 minute break in there to do some incline walking on the treadmill.  My legs needed a break!  Shoulder and back supersets + abs + pushups.  I really enjoyed this workout!

Thursday:  Same cardio as the day before, then chest and leg supersets.  The supersets only had squats and pulse squats because lunges hurt my knee.  Finished up with abs and pushups.

Friday: There was no BodyPUMP offered today, so I did the same cardio as the previous two days and then a BodyPUMP inspired workout that totally kicked my butt.  See below if you want to try it!

It’s been a pretty solid week of workouts!  Spring break will be a little different since I will be home.  Until then, here is a BodyPUMP inspired full body workout that will keep your heart racing and you interested the entire time!  This is the workout I did today and it left my muscles shaking!


~During the duration of each song, alternate between regular speed, counts of 2-2, 3-1, 1-3, and pulsing.  You should alternate the speed every 5 reps.
~Ex:  If you are doing squats (for 3 minutes or so-until the song is over), every five reps, go through the following movements:
-Squat down for 2 seconds, up for 2 seconds (x5)
-Squat down for 3 seconds, come up in 1 second (x5)
-Squat down for 1 second, take 3 seconds to come back up (x5)
-Pulsing squats= get low and count to 4.  With each number, try to get a little lower.
-Regular up and down squats (1-1) (x5) Try to do the pulsing or “regular” speeds during the chorus, as it is usually a little faster and you will be able to keep up with the beat.

Be sure to do each workout for one entire song!  You’ll be struggling by the end, I promise 🙂 Also, the weights indicated next to each exercise are the weights that I used, but you should increase or decrease them to fit your needs and ability.Bodypump full body workout



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