What I Ate Wednesday!

I love these types of posts since I take pictures of my food regardless of whether I will be sharing them or not.  Maybe it’s neurotic, but I think food is pretty…

And I also love seeing what other people eat, so maybe you all anonymous people of there enjoy these posts, too.

Here ya go!

Breakfast:DSC_0070Oatmeal // banana // apricot // craisins // peanut butter

And right now:DSC_0005-002Oatmeal // banana // pb & j swirls

Lunchphoto (5)Romaine // arugula // carrots // broccoli // 1/2 pb & j

I ate this after a 6.5 mile run in the midday heat and wasn’t feeling too hot afterwards.  I ate this and then took a nap…maybe dehydration?

DinnerDSC_0002-002Rice // Asian chicken & broccoli // with added carrots and peppers

I made this for the fam.  It turned out well!


[Not pictured- mug cake with peanut butter and a mango/ banana smoothie]

Have a great Wednesday!

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