Fitness Friday 5/30/14 and Leavin’ on a Jetplane

Hi there!

I hope your week as flown by as fast (or faster) as it has for me!  Friday, already?!  I’ll take it!

It’s been a great week in terms of workouts, especially because I’ve been spending so much extra time at the gym… (more on that to come soon).

In the meantime, let’s get to this week’s workouts, shall we?

Sunday:  6.5 mile run

Monday: 4 mile run + Nike Training Club

Tuesday: 3 mile run and BodyPUMP-Inspired workout

Wednesday: Rest. (2 mile walk)

Thursday: 3 mile run + Nike Training Club workout- with Maeghan, which made it SO MUCH MORE FUN.

Friday: 2.5 mile run + 5 minutes on the bike, then a combo shoulder- triceps workout.

I hope you had a good week of workouts, as well.  If not, now you have the weekend to catch up!  Here’s a fun one for ya:20 minute workout

With with that, I’m outta here!  I will actually be MIA until late next week, so don’t expect any posts here.  Let’s just say I’ll be sippin’ mojitos, pina coladas, and daiquiris with my feet planted firmly in the sand.  Yes, it shall be nice.

I’ll tell you alllllll about it when I get back!



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