Weekend: Curry, Philly, Study-Collage Style

Hi!  How was your weekend?  I’m starting this post as a break from studying physics on Sunday night, but something tells me I won’t actually be finishing and posting this until Wednesday at the earliest.  That’s just because I have a lot of pictures to share!

Edited:  I hate physics and I’m bad at it so instead of studying, I’m going to post this.

This weekend was a good one-I feel like I did a lot of things, but I also didn’t completely neglect physics, which is hanging over my head.  I really, really, REALLY cannot wait for this exam to be over on Wednesday.  Once it’s over, we will be done with tests until finals!!!! (All of those exclamation points were necessary.  Actually, here are a few more so I really get my point across: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Margaritas, anyone?

So, weekend.



I spent all of Friday afternoon in the library studying for thou that shall not be named.  And then after I was so hungry that my eyes were crossing, I took the train home and ate cold oatmeal that was left on the stove and then went with my dad and Russ to the Korean market for some Asian goodies and the ingredients for coconut chicken curry.  I’ve been meaning to make this for awhile and it worked out since Friday was Antartica-ish.  photo 3(3)

I subbed in all different vegetables and used tofu instead of chicken, but…same idea.  Twas delicious, but that photo looks disgusting.

After dinner, Russ and I watched tv and then watched more TV. That’s it.

Basil seed mucus, anyone?photo 2(6)


Saturday was really fun and it was a day I’ve been waiting to have!  I got the idea in my head a few weeks ago that I wanted to go into Philadelphia and walk around and see other parts of Philly besides Market Street, 10th street. and Jefferson’s campus.276274(Side note: WHY do some photos come out with that orange dot?!  How do I make it stop?)

I asked every single one of my friends if they wanted to join me (all 4? of them) but for various excuses reasons, no one could come.  So when in doubt, bully mom into going.  She wanted to clean the house and get some things done, but I pulled the “you’ll be sitting in your nursing home thinking about all those days you were able to clean the house….” and she agreed.  Daughter of the year award, coming my way!270 photo 4(3)

We actually had a really fun day, which started on the Boardwalk/ walkway that was built along the Schuylkill River.  (Want to know how I spelled that before looking it up?  Skukyl.)Walking It was crisp and fall-ish and sunny, and b-e-a-youtiful.trees We eventually meandered our way down Race Street and picked out condos my parents should buy (one day…). saw some interesting things, and stopped at the farmers market for ‘shrooms.homeswhat market

This actually used to be my mom’s apartment- right off of Rittenhouse Square! 325

And then when I could no longer feel my fingers, I suggested we stop for coffee, which turned into lunch.  We stopped at Parc, which looks out on Rittenhouse Square.Rittenhouse I was wearing leggings and running shoes and there were a bunch of girls (ladies who lunch-esque) sitting nearby and I couldn’t help but stare and think of all the ways that they were (not really) judging my horrendous style.  ANYWAY.  That burger was perfect and my mom had mushroom soup which might have been the best I’ve ever had.  We snagged a window seat and vowed to go back next week for brunch.

After lunch, we walked and talked and gawked more and then took the train home.


I watched Gilmore Girls and did ab exercises and then played pinochle (spelled: Peanuckle- before Google helped me) with Russ and Dad.  They were very into it and I was into beating them even though it was my first time.  Such is life, suckas…


I woke up early to start my physics slavery.  After a couple hours, I took a break to go with Russ and help his mom with a sale she was doing for all of her beautifully sewn goods.  It didn’t take too long, so I headed to the gym for a leg workout and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.  I’ll report back.

Edited: I can’t sit down unassisted

After el gymnasio, I lunched, showered, studied…all day.  Well, until my parents let the dog out and we all went looking for him like crazy people.

Til next time Philly/ weekend/ fun.344

And in case you’re wondering: Teddy is back, safe and sound and asleep and if he ever runs off like that again….!

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