24 Euro Later.

And I am no longer eating 100% like a homeless person!

Exhibit A- Today’s lunch!IMG_0194

After shopping!  Exhibit B- Today’s dinner!!!!IMG_0202

I missed you, vegetables.

It seems like many things in the supermarkets here are a bit cheaper than back at home.  I was able to get a lot (seems like a lot to me) for just 24 Euros and now our little hotel room fridge is bursting with real, edible food.IMG_0196

I got…IMG_0200

Cereal, spinach, bananas, yogurt dressing, black olives, broccoli, guac, turkey, Philadelphia (!!!) cream cheese, milk, bread.


Band-Aids, conditioner, lotion, and nail polish/ makeup remover jawns

The cosmetic things were definitely the most expensive and comprised 1/3 of my total bill, so even though I’m homeless, at least I can eat real food.

It’s the little things?

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