Soy Humpty Dumpty.


It’s almost 10:00 pm and I have been intending to sit down and write a post all day.  But here we are, at the end of the night (or beginning, depending on how you look at it.  I am actually drinking a Mahou Clasica as I type this, getting ready for a night out with the roomies), but I still wanted to sit and chat for a minute.IMG_1186

Fridays are my day off from school, so it’s the day that I use to kind of put my life back together, which always feels as though it has unraveled by this point in the week.  Just call me Humpty Dumpty (I cannot take credit for this.  Credit: Ollin).  Between going to school, running to private lessons, doing things to ensure that I continue to live (ie, eat, sleep), I usually feel pretty frazzled by Friday.  I love having the day off (obviously), and this weekend happens to also be a 4 day weekend for me, since teachers have off on Mondays.  Life is good.

And this week was a good one!  My time at school was fun and flew by, and I feel like the students enjoyed my lessons.  Of course, I also loved that 3 of my classes were “cancelled” (for me), so I was able to occupy my time doing important things.  Like draw.IMG_1157 I would like to write more about what I do at school, but that’s for another post.  Monday I felt a bit sick, and I saw a clown on the metro.  Those are two separate thoughts.  Something tells me this person dresses like this on the reg.IMG_1140

Thursday, me, myself and I went to El Prado for some culture.  It was a nice change of pace.  And I think I look more intelligent as a result.  I kid, I kid.IMG_1167 IMG_1170IMG_1171

So what did I do this Friday?  I miss just chatting about my days, and these are some of my favorite posts to look back and read.  Oh, you don’t care?  That’s ok.

When I woke up this morning (around 10 am), I immediately changed into workout clothes.  I was determined to workout today since yesterday I um, took a little nap instead.  Worth it, but today I needed to move a little.  I did Nike Training Club Metabolic Boost which always kills me.  It was only a half hour, but my arms and legs have felt shaky all day.

Then…showered (actually washed my hair…it was getting to the noticeably greasy stage (and I can actually hear my mom saying EW! in my head)), got dressed, and painted my nails.  My nails always look all types of ratchet by the end of the week.  Ok, they always look ratchet, but they look extra ratchet by Thursday.

Then I ate brunch (2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast with jam (out of cream cheese but this emergency has since been resolved) and COFFEE.  After that, I hustled my way over to my Friday lesson, which I am late to 90% of the time.  Teacher of da year.IMG_1182

I have a healthy Friday tradition of spending too much money after my class.  I try to limit my Friday spending to 15 Euro, but well….guess how often that works.  And it doesn’t help that a new Primark opened in Gran Via.  I had never heard of Primark, but everyone and their mother has been talking about it and how inexpensive it is (although, they say, the quality is s*****.  (Dad, that does NOT say shitty, it actually says shifty).  So I went to check it out and holy moly, it was MASSIVE.IMG_1185A panoramic shot for your viewing pleasure.  I walked away without doing too much damage.  I only spent 25 Euro and bought a mustard-colored sweater (I am straying from my normal black preference), a puffy cream-colored vest, a soft throw blanket, a pair of earrings and mascara.  I was going to buy new sheets for my bed because my sheets look like something that Shrek may have thrown up and re-digested back in the 1960’s, but I didn’t feel like spending 40 Euro, so I put them back and decided to buy the things that I don’t need, naturally.

I walked home with my goodies and sprinted into the kitchen for food.  I was practically on the verge of death, so I ate the rest of my lasagna (ok, I inhaled it) and then couldn’t bring myself to get up for almost an hour.  The day’s exhaustion hit me, but I eventually walked to the Marcadona (which is a supermarket, a little cheaper than the Carrefour, which is closer to me) and purchased this week’s grocery haul.  Keep yourself perched onto the edge of your seat for a post with this week’s recipe Sunday (if I’m not impossibly hungover, which I plan to be) or-more likely-Monday.  Sorry to disappoint, I know they’re a weekly favorite.  <–this is sarcasm.

Ok, this beer is starting to make me feel a little loosey goosey, so I’m gonna cap it here.  Before I go, I hope you have a fantasitically frightful Halloween.  I hope you get a little bit drunk and think people in their costumes is the funniest thing you have ever seen, because that is surely what my night will be.IMG_1181 Enjoy your night!

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