The Best Weekend Yet.

Hi!  How was your halloweekend?!  Did you get drunk and laugh at people in their costumes?DSC_0346 I have this sharp memory of a halloween party my freshman year of college.  Everyone was a little bit toasty and I looked up, and there was this HUGE guy in a teletubbie costume and it was the best thing I had ever seen.  It still makes me laugh.

I don’t even know where to begin with this post.  I feel like I am coming down from the Amazing Weekend high, but the weekend isn’t even over yet.  I have tomorrow off, and while I have plenty to get done tomorrow, I feel so happy-giddy, almost- that this weekend was so great.  I feel like I am finally getting out and doing things, seeing things, and generally experiencing Madrid.IMG_1222 This has been something that has been causing a lot of anxiety for me, so I’m relieved to finally be out and about.  Madrid has so much to offer, but taking advantage of those things is a totally different story.

I already wrote about Friday, but after I left you, I pre-gamed a bit with my roommates (Kristen and Harriet).  We took ridiculous pictures to send to our other roommate, Rachel.IMG_1206They said, “be sexy”IMG_1192Nailed it.

Then we went to a club called Ocho y Media.  It was an interesting night, but was fun nonetheless.  I didn’t get home until after 3 am and I was asleep within minutes of getting through the door.

Saturday I woke up and immediately got started in the kitchen.  There is something very relaxing about cooking when no one is around, before anyone has woken up.  It took me a couple hours, but I made another lasagna (this time with zucchini layers) and a chicken/potato/rice/tomato/olive/feta bake (that I did not, in fact, bake).  Once I was finished, I got cleaned up and walked to a food festival at the Matadero in Madrid.IMG_1239 I went with Annie, her roommate Megan, and Megan’s friend, Tim.  friendsI thought the festival was so much fun because I really missed doing things like this in Philadelphia, and there were so many booths offering lots of different items from sandwiches, to burgers, to coffee, desserts, and more.veggie Collage Of course, like any quality food festival, there was a plethora of free samples so we did our fair share of sampling cheese, bread, olive oils, olives, hot sauces, and cakes.IMG_1236

After walking home, I dilly-dallied for…ever, and then eventually convinced myself to workout.  I did a 30 minute NTC workout and then an additional 15 minutes of plyo and ab exercises.IMG_1248 Needless to say, today I need assistance sitting down and standing up.  I would lose a game of musical chairs today.

I showered/ate/ and napped for an hour, then got up and transitioned into my alter ego.  BRUJA!!!!!DSC_0339We spent a ton of time getting ready, doing make-up, drinking (obv) and taking pictures.DSC_0341 DSC_0340

Introducing my roommates…DSC_0352From left: Rachel (she is not a roommate, but is a friend), Harriet (the whole “smile” concept doesn’t work for her haha), Rachel, Kristen, and the bruja.

We went to a house party that I was invited to.  I actually met this girl while waiting to get my transportation card and we have continued to stay in contact.  She invited me to her party and said I could bring friends, so we all piled into the metro.  Annie, Megan and Tim came too and this party was honestly the best “night out” I have had since being here.  It was a Spanish house party with tapas and a plethora of drinks and just really a good night overall.  Obviously, it was a very good night since I woke up this morning (Sunday) in my witch tights and a t-shirt haha.IMG_1318A good look, right?  I spent most of the day recovering with Netflix, but eventually got up and showered.  And then headed to the Reina Sofia with my old roommate.IMG_1320 The Reina Sofia is another art museum, but with much more contemporary art and I, therefore, enjoyed it so much more.  After 1:30, the museum is free, but after 2:15, only the first collection is free.  We got through the collection in about 30 minutes, but I would like to go back at 1:30 and see other collections.  If I can ever get myself out of bed before 12, that is.

Alright, I started this post yesterday (Sunday) and I am just finishing it dinner time, Monday.  I spent the day sleeping, running (hill intervals), and doing private lessons.  I have one more to do and then I’m going to spend the night with Netflix…or possibly going out with Kristen for a bit.  We shall see.

Have a fantastic week!

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