Other Things I Did With My Parents. And All That Finger Lickin’ Food.

I can’t believe my parents trip to Spain has come and gone so quickly.  Seriously, it wasn’t so long ago that I was frantically SPRINTING to the metro to get them because my alarm never went off (and my computer was dead and it was dark out so I had no clue what time it was AND it was Christmas day so the metros ran every never minutes and there was not ONE person working in the stations and I was a lunatic!!!).  But here we are, almost a month later and they are back safe and sound in the U.S.  I wrote 3 posts detailing our trip to the South of Spain, but we did lots of other things while they were here.  The first week was a good balance of exploring Madrid and relaxing in my apartment.  (…and going to 100 Montaditos.  We went maybe…5 times….in two weeks.  At first it was irritating.  But then I embraced it)IMG_1679

“Tamara, where do you get that huge forehead and curly hair???”  Mystery solved.


–> Went for walks.  I have never done so much walking in such a short amount of time.  But it’s a good way to see the city.

–> Went to El Retiro park to walk around.IMG_1717 IMG_1715 IMG_1706 IMG_1702

–> Went to Museums.  The Prado, Reina Sofia, Thyssen.

–> Went on a walking tour of Madrid.  It was free and really, really good.  If you’re ever in Madrid, I highly recommend it.IMG_1734

–>Walked to The Royal Palace.  My parents later went back and went inside.  I did not.IMG_1674

If you know my mom at all, you know this picture shows her completely in her element.  Cracks me up.

–>Went to Toledo and explored museums, Synagogues and Cathedrals.  And then went to McDonalds.IMG_1745

FOOD from Mama


Salmon with a lemon, caper, tomato, zucchini sauce // roasted potatoes // salad


DIY Chicken Tacos with chicken // veggies // black beans // corn // salsa // butternut squash // homemade guacamole // hot sauce


Ground beef stuffed tomatoes // salad // bread


Chicken Francaise // pasta // olives // salad // roasted butternut squash


Leftover spaghetti // tomato and mushroom sauce // salad


After our trip – Greek Salads with mixed greens // feta // roasted almonds // eggs // olives // onion // peppers // cucumber // carrots and hummus


Arroz con pollo!  My favorite.

IMG_1970With my beautiful mama. <3


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