Restaurants in Madrid: Ginos

I went to Ginos a few months ago for a friend’s birthday.  She wanted Italian, so without any better ideas, this is where we ended up!

GinosGinos Collage

  • Address:  Various locations.
  • Atmosphere:  It’s a chain (a franchise?) so each location is different.  It’s a nice place, but has that “TGI Fridays” canned feel.
  • Type of food:  Italian- pizza, pasta, meats, etc.
  • What I had: Gnocchi in a red sauce with pesto.  It was good because I love gnocchi, but it wasn’t anything to write home about.  But it was good!  I just don’t ever think a chain restaurant will have amazing food.  HERE is the menu.
  • Tip:  If you want to have real Italian food, go somewhere else.  But if you want a decent meal, Gino’s is fine.  They often run promotions, so take advantage of these!  I went there when they were offering a BOGO on entrees, so we got a lot of food for around 20 Euros.

Rating:  6/10 food, 6/10 atmosphere.

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