Restaurants in Madrid: Taxi a Manhattan

Taxi a Manhattantam collage

  • Address:  Calle de la Basílica, 17, 28020 Madrid
  • Atmosphere: like a taxi?  Like New York?  Not sure how to describe it.  It has a “cool” vibe inside the restaurant.  Not too fancy, but not too casual.  I went on a cold night, but there is a terrace that looks like it would be amazing in the summer.
  • Type of food:  The menu is a mix of “NY food” from Street Finger Food, to Soho, Brooklyn, Nolita and Chinatown.  HERE is the menu
  • What I had: Hamburguesa de cebon con pan a la cerveza.  Comes with three sauces (ketchup, mustard, mayo).  I also tried a trio of hummus (eggplant, regular, and one more) with pita and falafel.  Bother were decent, but not “out of this world”.  I liked the hummus appetizer.  (Also, there current online menu is a bit different than the current menu being offered in the restaurant)

Rating:  7/10 for the food, 9.5/10 for the atmosphere.

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