Restaurants in Madrid: Bar Galleta


Oooooh, how I had been wanting to go to Bar Galleta ever since I saw it the first night I went to Amargo.  It´s always full with no walk-ins available, so I was one happy camper to be able to check it out last week!  And it did not disappoint!!

Bar GalletaCarlosMoreno+4

  • Address: Corredera Baja de San Pablo 3, Malasaña, Madrid 228004
  • Atmosphere:  Really nice!  Warm lighting, simple design, not too crowded and not too loud.  And!  Not too hot!!  Very important!  I guess you could call this design ¨modern hipster¨?  Ha
  • Type of Food:  Modern?  Seafood and meat and some pasta.  HERE is the menu.
  • What I ordered:  Tacos mexicanos de bacalao rebozado con guacamole, cilantro, y pico de gallo (cod mexican tacos) AND lomo de buey con papas a la huancaina (beef tenderloin with potatoes).  Both were delicious and are recommended.  The beef was a little bit fatty for my taste, but I am so beef-starved that I didn´t mind.  I really liked the tacos, but did not love that they were fried.  The restaurant brings bread with a trio of dips- some sort of olive tapenad, a crushed tomato spread, and cheese dip.
  • My date: Perfect.
  • Recommendation:  Make a reservation well in advance!  You won´t get a table without it.  And if you want to be near the window, request it at the time of the reservation.

Rating: 9/10 for food (fatty meat) and 9.5/10 for atmosphere (could be a litttttllllle cooler in there)


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