Restaurants in Madrid: El Patio del Fisgon

El Patio de Fisgon

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  • Address:  Calle de Don Ramon de la Cruz, 26, 28001 Madrid
  • Atmosphere: The restaurant was quite small, but interesting design and not too crowded.  It was hot, though.  Originally, they put us at a table in the center with the waiters walking back and forth, but we asked to move when it cleared a bit.
  • Type of food:  Modern?  Normal?  with an italian influence?  They have pizzas, meats, fishes, salads, pasta, rice, eggs, desserts, etc.
  • What we had: Fajitas del salmon and Pizza boletus trufado (mushroom pizza with truffel oil).  Both were good, but not amazing.  The fajitas were different and the pizza had a good flavor (if you like mushrooms…), but I thought they used too much truffle oil, which made it overly greasy.
  • Would I go back?:  No
  • Would I recommend it to others?:  No.  It was fine, but there are better places.

Rating:  6.5/10 for atmosphere, 7.5/10 for food.

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