June 26, 2016 Having Fun

Hi!  Happy Sunday!Mal5

I have been waiting to finally share these photos with you all week and now that I have a laptop to use, I can!  Last weekend, I was in Malaga, which is one of the beach towns in southern Spain.Mal13

It was so beautiful and I was looking forward to going back before we even left.  Malaga looks different compared to, say, Mallora… but Mallorca is an island.  Malaga has more of the U.S beach feel, but without the boardwalk, rides, casinos, vulgar t-shirts, or trashy people.  Bummer.  (ok, there were some trashy people…but that adds to the fun)Mal3

So what did we do?

We left Thursday evening and traveled by train, which is so much easier and more comfortable than going anywhere by plane.  It might be a little bit more expensive at times, but it´s so worth it.IMG_4125 (1)

And PLUS!  Atocha (the station) has turtles!IMG_4131 (1)

We arrived late (ish) on Thursday night and walked to the apartment for over 30 minutes, during all of which I whined and complained.  I am a real gem when I´m tired.  But it was all better in the morning because I was at the beach!

We spent a whole lot of time looking out at this…Mal12 Mal11 Mal5 Mal7

And even when we weren´t ON the beach, the views from the apartment weren´t half bad.Mal2

Especially during sunset…Mal6

In case you´re wondering, that playground on the beach was SO MUCH FUN.

What else, what else?

Oh!  I was forced to try sardines!  WITH SKIN AND EYES AND BONES!!!!Fish PicMonkey CollageI didn´t love them…and I´m fairly sure the feeling was mutual from them to me.  I don´t like when my food looks at me.

IMG_4159Other customers were not amused haha.

We also went into the town? city? center? center city? of Malaga, which was so nice!  Much bigger and livelier than I was expecting, full of bars and restaurants and people and life.  We stopped into a market and had…peruvian food.  When in Spain, right?IMG_4199That was ceviche and pisco sour and both were surprising so good and completely reasonably priced.  Sometimes, ceviche is outragously priced for a tiny portion, but this was a decent size.  And that pisco sour was tart and sweet and little bit spicy!!  Also good.

We walked around a bit more, stopping for a picture…IMG_4209

And then finished that night off with wine.  Who am I???  Drinking wine?  It´s not as good as beer, but I don´t hate it…as much, anymore.

And finally, here are the rest of some random pictures from the weekend that flew by.IMG_4149 Those poor fish and I was a part of their assassination!

IMG_4180IMG_4181Midday Italian food followed by ice cream to keep things on the lighter side.

And that´s all I have!  I have more photos, but they are all just the water since that´s what we spent the majority of the weekend staring at.  There are plans to go back to Malaga at least one more time this summer, but before then…there are a few other stops.  Coming soooooon.IMG_4147 (1)


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