Checking In II.

Checking InPicMonkey Collage
Checking In 2PicMonkey Collage
Making: memories.  Does that count?  We are at the beach for a week!
Cooking: nothing atm.  I have plans to make jam- lots of it!- with dad.  He made some peach jam and blueberry jam and cherry jam and they are so good. 
Drinking: pomegranate seltzer!  I have yet to find any milk here that tastes like Spain milk, so seltzer is my thing right now.  All of the milk tastes like the milk I remember…disgusting.  Can I order milk on the internet?

Reading: The Marble Collector by Cecilia Ahern.  So far it’s just okay, but I think I can finish it.
Wanting: I’m not sure, but as I type this, I have an antsy feeling.
Looking: out the window to see if there is a land breeze or an ocean breeze.  I think it’s a mix of them both.
Eating: dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s, and now that I’m home- we are eating lots and lots of BBQ good.  I actually had my first BBQ burger of the summer just last night.  Crazy!
Wishing: the best of luck to all of my friends from last year as they begin new medical journeys.
Enjoying: this summer…so so much.  My time in Spain before coming home was incredible, and now I am trying to enjoy each day here, but of course I am excited to head back to Spain.
Loving: being with my parents and being with TEDDY.
Hoping: the sun comes back out so I can go to the beach after posting this.
Listening: Cam- Burning House.  On repeat.
Feeling: hungry and ready for lunch.  But also feeling antsy to start doing something productive.
Wearing: a red-flowered romper from H&M.  I live in it…almost.
Watching: nothing atm.  I meant to watch the Kardashians last night, but I forgot until it was too late.  I watched Miracles from Heaven with Jennifer Garner on the flight from Madrid to Philly and it was so good- based on a true story and a real tear-jerker.
Bookmarking: watermelon popsicle recipe.  Perfect for summer…

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