Applying for Spanish Citizenship Due to Sephardic Origin: How to Get Started

In today’s post, I’m going to give you all of the important links for applying for Spanish citizenship, as well as tell you what you’ll need to do.Applying Untitled

Here is a graphic I pulled from the FCJE website, which essentially lists off the steps for applying.  Below the image, I will break it down and provide some links.

Steps for Applying for Spanish Citizenship

How to apply

1 // Begin your application by creating a profile.  This profile will include your personal information and will be where you load all of your documents so that the notary can later review them.

Begin your application and create a profile HERE.

2 // Fill out required information including: address, phone number, family history and origin, marital status, etc.

3 // Determine a way to prove Sephardic origin.  There are a few ways to do this.  One way is to receive a certificate from the Federación de Comunidades Judías de España (which is what I did).  First you enter name, passport information, and e-mail address, which will create an “account” on their site.  You will receive an e-mail with further information on how to proceed.  They will have you upload a number of documents to help “prove” your origins.  They may ask for more proof, reject the application, or accept it.  Once it has been determined that you will receive an official certificate, you will pay a fee for the certificate (must be done within 5 days).

HERE is a link on how to apply for an official certificate that certifies Sephardic origin.

3 // Take both exams.  One exam is the CCSE exam, which is an exam on the cultural, historical, and political aspects of Spain.  The other exam is the DELE A2 exam, which is the language exam.  Some people are exempt from this exam depending on country of origin.

HERE is information about the CCSE exam.  You will need to create a profile in order to register and pay for an exam, as well as access study materials.  Through this website, you can also register for the DELE exam, as they are both done through Cervantes.

HERE is information about the DELE A2 exam.

4 // Have all required documents apostilled (certified).  This may include passports, birth certificates, background checks, and more.

For a list of which documents should be certified, click HERE.

5 // Notary will contact you: with necessary documents that they are missing, or, if you have completed everything, they will contact you to set up a time and date for an official meeting and signature.  This will need to happen within one year and will take place in Spain.

6 // Pay a tasa (a tax).  Nothing in Spain (or in life) is free, and this is no exception.  Among other costs, there is a fee for application itself.  The fee is 100 Euros and can be paid in a bank (in Spain), online, etc.  The tasa form is Modelo 790- Codigo 026.

HERE is information for paying the tasa in person.

Important Links:

I know it seems a bit confusing right now, but if you follow the steps and do one thing at a time, it won’t be too bad!  Start by making your profile through the Ministry of Justice, then move on to making separate profiles with the Federacion and the Cervantes Institute.  Everything will need to be uploaded to your Ministry of Justice profile, but essentially, you will have 3 “profiles” floating around the web.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not an expert in applying for Spanish citizenship for any reason.  These posts are only to help anyone that may be interested, but all interested people and applicants should do their own research and confirm that what I have written is indeed correct. 

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