A Weekend in Valencia Part II.

Hola!  if you’re just catching up, check out Part I here.dsc_0101

So, day two!  It started with breakfast (after being woken up by the loudest street band I have ever heard in my entire life….)dsc_0143

And then we headed to the beach.  But first, we stopped in a very close-by market and walked around a bit.dsc_0149 dsc_0155When in Spain, there are pig legs.  Always.

And lots of food vendors!dsc_0160 dsc_0164 dsc_0166

We bought some Greek food (not sure what it was) and some Paella Valenciana that wasn’t nearly as good as the night before, but still tasty.  With our food in hand, we headed to the bus stop to catch a ride to the beach.dsc_0173 dsc_0174 dsc_0175 dsc_0176

The bus took longer than we expected, but once we arrived, we were both happy 😉  We had lunch sitting on the wall that bordered the beach, sharing both of the dishes.dsc_0180


Then we went to the beach, but the clouds kind of rolled in and it was a little cooler than we had anticipated, so we went for a stroll, sat for a bit, and then headed back.dsc_0182

Still beautiful, though!!

Once back in the center of Valencia, we walked in and out of some of the stores and then headed back to the flat to get ready for a fun night out!!img_6513

We shared some wine and then headed over to the same market from earlier in the day where there was a “tapas fest” of sorts happening!img_6530

We shared, like, 1000 plates and drank a few beers.  I tried things I’ve had before and other things that I have never had!!

img_6532 img_6533 img_6538

But the best part was my handsome date!  The guy on the left.


Hahah…just kidding.  The right 😉 )

And then we found a bar with dancing and danced a whole lot 🙂  It was definitely a fun night!!

And in the morning, I sure was feeling it… haha.  We had some breakfast, then shortly after, some lunch, and then back to the train we went!dsc_0188 dsc_0191

Short, but so, so sweet.

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