My Year Two Budget.

SO.  I am officially down to 299 Euros in my Spanish bank account. (I wrote this one week ago…I am actually officially down to 53 Euros but who’s counting?)  Don’t ask me how it happened because I’ll literally look at my hands like a little kid looks at their hands if you take a toy away from them (who would do that…..haha…), as in, I will stare at them and think….”but it was just here?!”.

Last year, despite my minor shopping problem, I was able to keep my spending under control thanks to writing down ALL of my expenses, even the 1 Euro coffees, etc.  It really helped me be aware of what I was spending and saving.  But then summer came and lessons ended and trips were planned and had and here we are….almost poor.  I won’t be getting paid for the first month of school until October 27th, so that means I have to make 200 Euros last 24 days. (Now 52 Euros…)  Haha.  Of course I have more money than this, and I am working some private lessons that brings in extra cash during the week, but it is a bit alarming to see such a low number.  With that being said, besides merely writing down my spending this year, I thought I would also set a budget for myself.

INCOME (net):

  • 1,000 Euros/ month from school
  • ~350 Euros/ month from private lessons


  • Rent: 380 Euros/ month
  • Transportation card: 20 Euros/ month
  • Phone bill: 20 Euros/ month
  • Gym payment: 25 Euros/ month
  • Spanish classes: 130 Euros/ month


  • Supermarket food: 100 Euros/ month
  • Restaurants AND bars:  150 Euros/ month
  • Coffees and snacks while out and about: 30 Euros/ month
  • Clothes: 100 Euros/ month
  • Toiletries and other necessities: 40 Euros/ month
  • Random/ uncategorized: 70 Euros/ month

*Yes, I know- I don’t need to/ shouldn’t spend 100/ month on clothes.  But the fact of the matter is that I do go shopping quite a bit, so I need to be realistic and set some limitations.  It’s a fair budget…compared to what I could spend.  I hate you, Zara.  (But I really do love youuuuu)

If I can stick to this, I should have a few hundred of play money left at the end of each month.  I’ll report back here each month with one of my favorite posts that none of you are interested in 🙂

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