Restaurants in Madrid: Lamucca [de Prado]

Multiple people have recommended Lamucca as a great restaurant for a fun date night, so last night we gave it a go!  There are multiple locations (Plaza Carlos Cambronero, Calle Prado, Calle Almagro, Calle Serrano) [#success], but they only had a last minute opening at Calle Prado.  This one is near Anton Martin metro stop and it did not disappoint!

Lamucca [de Prado]la-muccapicmonkey-collage

  • Address: Calle del Prado, 16, 28014 Madrid
  • Atmosphere: Warm lights, exposed brick walls, funky decor, loud disco-ish music.  Any place with warm lighting and exposed brick will win me over, but due to the loud music, I wouldn’t necessarily go to this location on a first date or with someone you really need to hear.  We could obviously talk, but the music was notably loud.
  • The menu: The menu was actually quite long!  They offered a number of various types of food and the menu actually seemed to have a bit of a Thai influence since they offered Pad Thai and chicken curry.  To start, they had various dishes from nachos to foie to croquetas and a trio plate of hummus and babaganoush.  The menu had a mix of various salads, vegetables and soups, and then meat, fish and pizzas….and thai food.  Sounds strange, but everything was and looked delicious.  They also offer a menu del dia, which would be a great way to try the restaurant, eat lots of good food, and not spend a ton of money.  Menu del dia normally includes dessert and they looked amazing!  Additionally, they have an extensive drink menu that would be fun to try.  HERE is the menu.
  • What we ordered:  We shared two appetizers and a main plate:  Mezze (Taboule, babaganoush and hummus with pita chips— about 8.50 euros) and the Esqueixada de Bacalao, which was like ceviche made with bacalao (about 11 euros) and as a main course, we shared the chicken curry (about 12 euros), which came with coconut white rice.  This was the first time in over a year that we had too much food!  Seriously, we didn’t finish everything, but it was all so fresh and tasty.  The appetizers are decent portions and we would have had enough to eat had we only ordered two.  We also each had a glass of white wine.  Loved the chicken curry (but it’s definitely a heavy dish) and the mezze plate.  I like the bacalao, but might not order it again.
  • Tips:  Make a reservation!  And make it in advance.  Ask for a table, not to be seated at a high top.  Also, share with the table!  There are so many great things and everything can be easily shared.
  • Would I recommend it?:  Yes, absolutely.
  • Would I go back?:  Yes!  We have plans to go back and try the “menu del dia” at one of the other locations.  Would love to go back for drinks, as well.

Rating: 9/10 for food, 10/10 for atmosphere.

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