A Weekend in Lyon, France: Part II


So, where were we?  OH yeah, talking about food and cheese and wine.  That was basically the theme of day two in Lyon…dsc_0124

Obviously, I was happy about that.

The day started with breakfast of the oatmeal and coffee variety (bonuses of being in an airbnb vs. hotel)dsc_0111

And continued through the city, past the bolsa de Lyon..dsc_0113

And onto the Les Halles de Lyon.  Our intention was to head to the Les Halles de FOOD, which is a huge indoor market hall, but we ended up in the Les Halles de stuff. (we made it to the food market hall later…see below)dsc_0114

On the other side of this, we found ourselves walking through a long and winding outdoors farmer’s market with all of the fruits and veggies and interesting foods and cheeses and pastries you could ever want.  It may have been the best farmer’s market with a view I’ve ever seen.dsc_0121

We tried a whoooole lot of food!  From empanadas (when in France….?  But they were delicious)dsc_0123 dsc_0128

Bought not one, not TWO, but THREE types of cheeses to enjoy later (#francegoals)dsc_0131

Had some sort of kebab thing that was just ok…dsc_0133

And then Luis insisted that we eat this disgusting bug meat because it was a really good price and the opportunity is “once in a life time!”.dsc_0137 

In all seriousness, if I liked bug meat, this would have been #goals because a) I was in FRANCE b) eating delicate sea creatures c) with an incredible view of the river and cathedrals 4) with a handsome date. (and in no particular order)dsc_0129 

Besides the bug meat, it was great.  I agreed to try one of these sea creatures, but told him I was almost certain he would be eating the entire plate alone.  Luis went first while I whined and dreaded it.dsc_0141

And then I went.  I wasn’t the least bit dramatic about it either.bug-meat-picmonkey-collage

Once in a lifetime.  Emphasis on the once haha.  So he ate 11 of them and I helped pull those slimy bad boys out of their shells for him.dsc_0157  

But if anyone asks, I ate oysters (I think they’re oysters) on the river in Lyon, France and it was just soooo perfect.dsc_0160

Besides the oysters, it really was perfect 😉  That’s the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere in the back.

We stopped in this plaza and in a bathroom…dsc_0167 dsc_0161

I liked the decor 😉

And passed by the crazy people convention.dsc_0170

After that fun experience, we rented bikes!  And headed to the Les Halles Market that I was dreaming of.dsc_0175

This is what dreams are made of.dsc_0178

And this….dsc_0186

And ALL OF THISdsc_0180 dsc_0182 dsc_0189dsc_0184These are traditional in Lyon.  We ordered two and she boxed them up and then told us they had to be cooked in an oven with a special sauce.  Homie ain’t got an oven, so we said sorry and went on our merry way.  Actually, we ran-walked away haha.

Send help.

We finally sat down to enjoy our cheese collection with a fresh baguette and wine…dsc_0193Why so serious?!

And then finished off this light meal with a light dessert.dsc_0197

It was all so good.  France is one of those countries you can really “eat your way through” and I know I sound like a complete gordita saying that, but food (and good food) is such a part of their culture that you can get a feel for the city by enjoying all of this.  

We were ready to walk some of this off so we put our bikes back (9 Euros for 2 hours!) and then headed backkkkk up those 700 steps to see the city lit up at night.  What a view!dsc_0205 dsc_0200

After that, we had some beers in a local pub and headed back to our airbnb to have another oven-less, microwave-less dinner.  But it couldn’t have been better 🙂

And on the laaaast day, we headed out in search of brunch.  All I wanted was a niiiiice Parisian brunch, but we were too late for that and ended up with burgers.  Haha…

C’est la vie, friends.


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