Five Days in Poland: Final Morning in Krakow.


We are in the home stretch!  I took over 650 photos in Poland, so narrowing them down to three posts, while also saying everything that I want to say (especially about Auschwitz) has proved to be so much more time-consuming than I expected!  But I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel since we are now arriving in Warsaw, where we spent our last 1.5 days.dsc_0598

Backing up a bit, we had one final morning in Krakow.dsc_0437

We spent it having breakfast at a small cafe (a big coffee [Poland does big coffee RIGHT] and a pastry….but this was also the cafe where I cracked the screen on my phone.  Sad day in Poland.) and then headed to the Wawel Castle, a castle built for the king during the years 1333 and 1370.  It was huge and impressive…but we didn’t go inside because the mean lady at the counter said our “estudiante” cards are not student cards.  So WE SHOWED HER WHO’S BOSS!!!  haha…


There were some pretty views from the top, so we took a classic “sun in your eyes” pic to capture the memory.dsc_0470 

After our short stint at the castle, we meandered back down the hill for one final stroll through the Main Square.  I always try to soak in the last few hours that I spend in each city, knowing it might be a very, very long time before I am back.  Life is weird.dsc_0509dsc_0492

Finally, as a final farewell to Krakow, we headed to the Jewish Quarter for one final walk-through.  dsc_0451 dsc_0450

We had a hearty and delicious lunch at Hamsa- Hummus and Happiness Israeli Restobar, a hummus-inspired restaurant in the Jewish quarter.  It was our second time there in two days and it was amazing. (We went the night before just to have a glass of wine.  Ended up without the wine and with a nice Mezze to share instead) #eatyourcalories2

I fell in love with that plate.  Not so much the food, but the plate itself!

And then for breakfast the next morning: Definitely go if you find yourself in Krakow and order the Jerusalem Breakfast or a Small Mezze Set to try a few of their hummus’ and spread.dsc_0522  So, so good.  It made me miss Israel.

After that, we were off to Warsaw!


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