A Full Weekend of Sunshine!


I wrote this post and never posted it and since it’s already Friday, I need to set it free into the cyber world to get all your eager eyes ready for my next weekend post!

This weekend was so good… I always say that, don’t I??

Thursday flew by, thanks to only having three quick classes, an open afternoon, and then a fun Spanish class and dinner with Luis!

On Friday, I was up and at ’em for an interview with an online teaching company!  Truth be told, I had an interview with them last weekend and it was a mini disaster, which kind of put me in a funk for the whole weekend.  I am happy they gave me another opportunity because on Friday, it was SO much better!  I was on cloud nine after the interview and hoppity skipped over to Body Combat where we did the newest release.feb265  Less jumping, more punching, more EXTREMELY sore back and shoulder muscles.  

After BC, I quickly showered and ate leftovers of Ensalada de Mama Espanola, which might be my favorite food in the whole world.


It’s just salad, but it’s so good!  After lunch, I met Luis for a drink and some chatting in the beautiful sunshine- just like we used to do last year.feb264  

Sunshine, a great guy, Friday, and beer are all really great for the soul.  I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, chatting with my mama on the phone, headed to the library (and also stalked the nearby university and it’s students…)


I got myself some new books (por fin!), bought ingredients to make a special dinner and then came home and prepared it!  My legs were dead from all that walking, but within an hour, I was back out the door to meet up with my coworker and head to an informational meeting about adopting me a nice granny here in Spain (basically someone to spend some time with).  We will see how it pans out!!

Eventually (……..) Luis came over and we had Poke Bowls (basically sushi in a bowl) c/o Iowa Girl Eats.DSC_0006 

So good!  I left off the toasted almonds and used toasted sesame seeds, and also didn’t use sesame oil because it’s $$$ and I already had to buy a second mortgage for the fish I bought.  Either way, they were still good.

On Saturday, I met my good friend, Emily, for GAP at the gym and then an hour of chatting and laughing.  She is such a good person and has great advice!!  And we went to my favorite bulk bin store, Casa Ruiz.feb263

 I couldn’t spend too much time with her since I had my first “training” scheduled with that online teaching company.  I quickly showered, prepped for the lesson, ate some lunch:feb262

Then went and had wine with Annie.  Ha!feb2610  

It’s just too sunny and nice to stay in, cooped up, on a Saturday.  We met for una horita y ya esta.  We talked about all the things- gaining the Spanish 10 lbs (WHY), traveling, future plans.  The usual.  That vitamin D is toxic, I’m tellin’ ya.  At home, I got ready for my lesson, banged it out in an hour and then was right out the door with Luis for some furniture shopping!  We know how to have fun ;).  Haha, kidding- I enjoy it.  Then, we had dinner at a place I’ve been wanting to try for ages.feb261  

Cuban food!  It made me nostalgic for Cuba, for my mom, for my trips (Read the first of my Cuba trip recaps HERE or the first of the posts from the trip in 2013 HERE).   I don’t know what it is, but Cuba gives me this warm, fuzzy feeling and it’s not like I’m from there, but I guess it’s that I have family there, that I love the culture, and the people and the life.  Of course, I am a tourist and can leave when I choose, but for me, Cuba is always a place that gives me all the feels.  Dinner on Saturday was no exception and we wasted no time pulling out all the stops.wknd22

A princess in her kingdom 😉

Ropa vieja, arroz con frijoles, platanos, yuca con mojo, calabasa con mojo, (and huevos rotos)…the works!  I left a little more gordita than before, but that’s ok.

Oh, and we killed a bottle of wine, which brings on the sleepies pretty darn quickly.

Sunday, I was up relatively early since bedtime was like…1:30 am. I pushed off the Sunday Blues as much as possible and filled the day up with all types of things!  Namely: walking, another “training” session, making salads, having dinner with Luis, the usual.

And for fun, here is Teddy:wknd21

I miss him dearly.

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