7 Recent Things from the USA and 7 Recent Things from Spain.


It’s been quite some time (0kay, a week) since I have been back from the US, but I just haven’t been able to find the motivation to get on here and write.  Where are you, motivation?!  Part of it is this beautiful weather that Spain is having and I go many days without even cracking open my computer (….but I spend time aplenty on my phone, worry not).  Anyway, before too much time passes (Gd FORBID!), I want to share a few things I did at home during those lovely ten days, as well as what I have been up to since I got back.

From the USA

1 // Seeing Capital Steps


My mom asked if I wanted to see a show when I was home and my immediate reaction was “YES!”.  Originally, we were going to see a musical, but my parents got tickets for Capital Steps instead.  It’s a political comedy show and even if you aren’t totally in to (or into?) politics (*shamefully raises hand*), this show will STILL BE FUNNY.  Highly recommended!!

2 // Going into downtown Philadelphia to hang out with Andrew and Katy!home5

Um, where is the tapa with those drinks?!?!?


I met Andrew and Katy during my year at Jefferson and we have stayed in touch over the last two years!  It was so strange to be back downtown and see all the new things that have opened (and closed) and to just think how drastically my life has changed in two years….how drastically I have changed.  Life is so strange.  But it was fun!  We got some drinks, Chipotle, and watched My 600 lb Life, just like old times πŸ˜‰  Katy and Andrew are both in medical school, doing big things, and I’m so proud of them.

3 // Teddy and Misu timeteddymisuPicMonkey Collage

4 // Claire and Ryan’s Wedding!!!weddingPicMonkey Collage

The whole reason I even went home was to help celebrate this amazing day with Claire and her now-husband, Ryan!  I met Claire in college and we were roommates for a year.  We stayed friends after college and she invited me to be a part of her special day!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I know that Claire and Ryan are so happy together,  I’m toooo excited to see what the future holds for them!  On a related note, Shannon and I HAVEN’T changed a bit- just as ratchet as we were in college, considering the fact that we got ready in a Dunkin Donuts bathroom πŸ˜‰

5 // All of that incredible American foodfood2PicMonkey Collage

All of these foods are foods that I could get in Spain, but there is nothing like opening the fridge and being able to make yourself an ooey-gooey pb&j on nice, mushy bread.  Or being able to order a greasy, cheesy bagel, egg, turkey bacon, and cheese from a mom & pop diner while you catch up on life with a best friend.  Or all of that amazing food your mom makes.  Ain’t nothing like it, friends.

6 // Seeing Tia Malcahome9

Tia Malca is my aunt (my mom’s older sister) and every time I am home, I make sure to go visit her!  She is a beautiful woman who, unfortunately, suffered a stroke many years ago that left her nursing home-bound, but with love and daily visits, she has kept chugging along.  It’s hard to get a smile out of her, but I know she’s in there and can hear us and appreciates that we are there.  When I walked in, I said “hola Tia Malca!!! Do you know who I am?!” and she looked at me, smiled, and did the “more or less” hand movement.  We helped her eat her lunch and then we all shared coconut ice cream πŸ™‚

7 // Doctors, dentists, doctors, OH MY


My mom told me she wanted me to go to various doctors during my time at home, but what started out as three appointments ended up being six appointments by the time the week was done.  My favorite had to be the dentist, where she dug so deep that I had bloody fingerprints on my face afterwards.  PSA:  Floss your teeth.

7 From SPAIN

1 // Getting my suitcase back


I am not one to check my bag, but I had so many goodies to bring back from the US, that I decided to check my bag.  Unfortunately, after having to land at another airport to “quickly” get gas before my layover, my first flight was delayed by two hours, leaving me 40 minutes to get through passport control and onto my next flight.  I have legs, but my bag does not…so it didn’t make it onto the second flight.  Boy, I was haaaapppppy to see that baby the next day.

2 // ENSALADA DE MAMA ESPANOLA!  (insert accents and ~ in appropriate places)mad2

The salad issue has gotten so out of hand that now Luis’ mom is making TWO salads.  (*hand emojis*)

3 // Breakfast of champions


The best thing about going home is seeing (and eating) all of the foods you forgot existed…like Trader Joe’s Bran Flakes.  I fell in love with them while I was home, so I brought a box back and have been trying to ration it to enjoy each morning + milk + nectarine.  Also!  My mom bought me a milk frother from Bed Bath & Beyond and it’s incredible!!  20 seconds and you have a frothy cappuccino πŸ˜‰

4 // Fit Night Out sponsored by FitbitfitnightPicMonkey Collage

As soon as I landed in Madrid, I had a text from Meaghan inviting me to join her and her friends for 4 hours of exercise at Fit Night Out.  I immediately signed up and invited my friend Kimber to join us!  It was soooo much fun, but it definitely kicked my butt!  3 days later and I’m still sore.  1 hour zumba + 40 minutes of body combat + 20 minutes of yoga + 20 minutes of dance yoga + 30 minutes of cardio yoga + other things I can’t remember.  Ahhhh so fun, but so intense!

5 // Yoga in Retiro with Kimber (& Luis)yogaPicMonkey Collage

Kimber teaches yoga so I dragged Luis to the Saturday morning class with me!  I will be MURDERED for putting these pictures online, so it was nice knowing all of you, but I need to say that the class was awesome!  I have done yoga in the past, but always in studios.  This class was outside, with the sun shining and the birds chirping and it felt so nice to stretch and breath and relax.  Kimber did a great job talking us through everything and she kept the class moving and interesting!  I am excited to do it again soon….and Luis is too πŸ˜‰  And no, we DIDN’T plan the matching outfits.

6 // Banana-Chocolate Chip Bread with PBmad9

This is completely irrelevant, but all of my pb-loving fans (hey, dad) will appreciate the ooey-gooeyness of that PB.

7 // Madrid winning the Champions League Titlemad10

You all know how much of a futbol (soccer) fan I am (hahaha…), but here in Spain, people go nuts for this game.  I went with Luis and his friends to watch it at a bar and although I can’t say I loved watching, I did love being a part of the excitement and energy…and there was certainly no shortage of that (see photo above)

And last but not least, here is a photo for your enjoyment:home1

And you all ask “why do you get your hair relaxed???”


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