June Weekend.


Hi!  Happy Tuesday, friends! 

How is it already June….and even crazier, how is it my last week of work?!  I feel like this year just flew by and with all of my May trips (Israel and the USA), the end came quickly.  Despite still having a few days of work left, the days feel like the weekend and the weekends feel amazing.


Thursday was a bit crazy- I went to work an hour earlier than usual and then quickly rushed home to scarf down food and run right out the door to teach a lesson and then head to training for a new job!  Details coming soon πŸ˜‰  After the training, I met Luis and we headed to his house for the best salad in the world.  We started organizing our upcoming trip to ITALY which I am so very excited about!


On Friday, I headed off to an hour long private Spanish lesson.june1  

I accidentally planned it during my beloved Body Combat hour, but I will get there this week.  After the lesson (which was awesome!), I headed straight home to make a batch of mango salsa and then get ready to teach a few English lessons online (also a new job!!).  The students didn’t come to class (but I still get paid, so I was able to get some work done on the computer).  As soon as the classes were finished, I changed and met up with my good friend Emily who returned to the US this weekend (***big tears***).  I love her crazy stories hahaha.  We had an “iced” coffee, which was hot coffee with two generous ice cubes.  The weather this last week has been up to and over 100*!!!  That coffee was mildly refreshing.

Once I got home, I hung out on the sofa, took a little nap, and then headed out to the third potluck of the year with this amazing MuchBites group!  They are such a fun crowd and I laughed pretty much the whole night.june2  

Everyone brought salady and munchy type food, which was perfect for this crazy heat.  Plus, a few bottles of wine helps you forget about the pain πŸ˜‰


Saturday was off to a slooooow start due to the aforementioned heat and not being able to sleep.  I had breakfast and then went back to bed for some zzz’s.  When I got up, Kimber and I did the crazy and went for a run for 20 minutes and then headed to my gym for a 30 minute NTC workout!june4 

It’s so much better with a friend!!  Once we finished, I assembled a HUGE container of summer cous-cous salad and some spicy mango slasa for a “BBQ” later that night.june3 

I put that in quotes because, well, there was nothing BBQ’ed πŸ˜‰  Leave it up to boys to plan a BBQ and not BBQ anything, but there was lots of pizza!


Luis put on normal clothes and I dressed up like a cow πŸ˜‰june11

We had a nice spread for Luis’ friend’s birthday…pizza, chips, the salads I made, watermelon, bread, etc.june9 june10

Then we headed to a park for some botellon action (drinking in the park) #classy

We stayed out quite late, so Sunday was another slow start!


Luckily, Sunday started on a super fun foot- brunch with Kimber and Luis!june8  

I have way too may bagels that have been in my freezer for a good 8 months, so I told Kimber to help me eat them.  Luis also begrudgingly agreed to join us, and I gotta say- I think his first brunch experience was positive.

After Kimber and Luis left, I had to quickly switch gears and get ready for my ex-host mom (Rosy) to come over and teach my roommate and me how to make SPANISH TORTILLA!!!!june6

What a treat!  I can’t wait to post the recipe, but it was such a good afternoon and I am so excited to finally know the secrets!!!june12

Full from tortilla, I did the logical thing and put on my bathing suit to spend some time at the pool with Luis.  104* is NO JOKE.  And we went at 7:30 pm!!  It was hot hot hot and the sun was super strong!  It wiped me out and I’ve been feeling quite groggy since… but it was an AMAZING weekend and no matter how old I get, I think summer weekends will always give me this amazing sense of freedom.

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