How to Apply for a Regreso (España)


Just another tedious thing you need to do when you are living in another country and plan to go in and out of the country- you need to apply for an authorization to RETURN to the country if you plan to leave when you don´t have a visa.

A.k.a if you plan to travel during the summer, after your current TIE has expired and before you are given a new one in October, you need this special paper (the regreso) that allows you to re-enter the country.  It sounds like a lot of work, but it´s not to bad.  As a matter of fact, I just got back from the appointment with said Regreso and it was relatively painless.  I recommend you make sure you have a lot of time AND patience and if at all possible, go on the day you have an appointment because the people without an appointment were waiting for OVER TWO HOURS.  Save yourself.

Here is what to do:

1 // Make an appointment to get the regreso

You will need an appointment and for whatever reason, the appointments always seem to be available, like, tomorrow, or for after you plan to travel (as in, I am going to Italy on June 27, returning July 9…after my TIE expires, and the next available appointment is June 29).  Don´t worry, just choose the next available appointment, get the confirmation, and print that page.  **Note: When you go to your appointment, you will want to bring this confirmation page along with printed copies of your plane tickets to show that it would be impossible to go to that appointment.

  • Make your appointment HERE.  Choose Madrid and choose “autorización de regreso

2 // Collect your documents

  • Original passport
  • Color copy of your passport
  • Original TIE
  • Color copy of your TIE (BOTH SIDES OF IT)
  • Filled in copy of EX-13 (click here to download–>click Ex-13 on the list) [Tick the first box in section 4.1 Titular de autorización de residencia en período de renovación o prórroga (art. 5). ]  Also, you must write a reason for needing the regreso in section 4.2 (ex: voy de vacaciones 2 semanas y he solicitado renovacion de TIE).
  • Original STAMPED EX-00, which you used to reapply for your TIE.  It should have been stamped when you registered your documents. (Edited: at my TIE appointment, they did not stamp the EX-00.  Instead they gave me a “receipt”.).  If you don’t know what this document is, click here to see post on how to renew your TIE.
  • Copy of your STAMPED EX-00.
  • Bank draft 790/ Code 012 HERE is a link for where you can fill in your information, choose “autorización de regreso” and then generate a PDF to print.  After printing, take it to any bank to pay the tax and make sure they stamp the paper.  You want to take the stamped page with you.
  • Copy of your appointment confirmation, whether it is for the correct day or not.
  • Printed copy of your flight tickets or the confirmation e-mail from the airline
  • Copy of your empadronamiento, if you have it
  • Extra 10 and 20 cent coins, incase you need to make copies there.

3 // Go to your appointment (or two days before your intended travel dates)

  • Check and double check you have all of your documents
  • Go with a whole lot of patience because it can take awhile.  Bring a book or something to do.
  • Bring some extra 10 and 20 cent coins in case you need to make a copy of something.  They have machines there.

4 // Don´t go waving your regreso around at the airport

  • The regreso is just a precautionary measure, as you will most likely NOT be asked for it at the airport (depending on where you are traveling from).  With that being said, if they DO ask for it, they will stamp it, making your (normally 3 month valid) regreso INVALID.  So you will need to get another if you plan to travel outside of Spain again.  Do you really want to do this entire process again?!
  • Summary:  Unless specifically asked for the regreso, don´t show it at the airport!!!

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